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Can the drug Twynsta cause similar symptoms to a heart attack?

My father had a very high blood pressure just 2 days ago and went to the doctor. His BP was monitored and lowered with some medication. Right now, the doctor prescribed him Twynsta which I believe is used to try to widen the arteries.

He's been taking the medicine for a day and he says the side effects are quite heavy. He feels weak and has cold sweat, and has chest pains. I don't know the rest, but he just generally feels unwell. I am concerned that those are not the side effects of the medication as prescribed.

The doctor also mentioned to not take BP measurements during this time although I do not see the reason why he does not recommend BP testing. My parents doesn't seem to be so knowledgeable about the problem and I am wondering if any one has any thoughts on this?
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Just do deep breathing for 10 minutes then do a blood pressure it will go down the reason the blood pressure is rising because you’re not getting enough oxygen to your brain so the brain send a signal to the kidney to the raise the blood pressure by lowering the blood pressure it will cause heart attack stroke and other problems you just have to deep breathe for 10 minutes a day your blood pressure will go down thank you
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