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Can these abnormalities in my ECG explain my chest pain?

I’m a 19 year old spec with Chest pain that spreads to upper back and sometimes accompanied by nausea dismissed as anxiety by doctors despite a normal psychiatric evaluation with no diagnosis found. My first ecg during chest pain showed ‘irregularly irregular rhythm’ with a sinus arrhythmia, short PR interval and ST junctions depression non-specific. My second one during chest pain 3 days later showed TWI in V2 and V3. A week after my second one when chest pains resolved (the come and go every few days) my ecg showed PACs. (Prior to chest pain i had a normal ecg with no abnormalities)

I do have bouts of random sinus tachycardia throughout the day with no cause or trigger. Could those abnormalities in my 2 ecgs explain my chest pain or are they completely benign?
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A picture of your ECGs would be helpful. Your description is too unspecific. It could be nothing or hundreds of different things including your esophagus or big vessels of your heart.
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You're pretty young to have heart health issues like this. But shouldn't be discounted just for age.  However, remember that physicians take an oath to treat.  Have you been to a regular doctor or cardiologist? That's what I'd do.  I can't tell specifically what is going on.  Physicians take an oath to treat so would not give you the all clear unless they believed that to be the case. However, you still have questions.  https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/nursing/practice/resources/cardiology/function/sinus_arrhythmia.php A holter monitor may be a good next step.
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