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Can you please explain this result?

I am a 52 yr old female, have MVP, smoke less than 1 pk of cigs a day (yes, I'm TRYING to quit), had a stress echo last week with these results, that I hope someone can explain to me.  I should add that I've had no symptoms of heart probs other that the MVP.
Had an echo-stress test -- results: Resting echo overall normal left ventricular size and systolic function with an ejection fraction of app. 55% with mild septal wall hypokinesia. After exercise, images were obtained in similar planes. These revealed septal and anterior wall hypokinesia which was mild in degree.
Conclusion:  1. Stress Echo was positive for ischemia in the distribution of the left anterior descending coronary artery.
2.  Exercise capacity was formal for age at 7 metabolic equivalents of task.  3.  The patient was asymptomatic throughout the test.
How serious is this? Or, is it?  thank you in advance.
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Your main left coronary artery has a restricted blood flow, likely through disease. You desperately need to quit the smoking sooner rather than later. You have no symptoms but your results show some of your heart muscle isn't as responsive as it could be, due to the lack of blood flow/oxygen. Medication will likely suffice from now or the future but seriously, if you continue to smoke, you can rest assured you will be looking at a more severe intervention in the future such as bypass. Ejection fraction normal range is 50-55% to 70-75% so you are at the lower end of normal. This is how much of the blood in the left ventricle is pushed out into the body with each beat. Looks like they have caught this quite early and it will be interesting to see if they recommend an angiogram. I notice there is no mention of your valves in the report?
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Thank you for your response, helps alot.  No, no mention of valves at all, don't know why. They HAVE recommended a cath
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