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Can't Control my Blood Pressure

I am a 27 year old female & I started having BP problems about a year ago (at least that's when I first found out). I am now on 3 medications a day (Atenolol, Methalydopa, Hydrochlorizide). I take 50mg, 250mg, 25mg of the above meds. My BP is still about where it was when I first started taking the meds. It ranges from 135-160/90-117. High BP runs in my family, but no one else has seemed to have such a problem getting it under control. I have had my kidneys tested & some blood work (Cholesterol & Trig. are a little high, but not too bad). I have had one ekg with nothing found, and I am scheduled for another.  I am a little overweight (180lbs...I find it difficult to lose the weight), but don't know if there is anything else that might be causing the problem. I try to watch my sodium intake, I quite drinking Caffine, & I ocassionaly drink alcohol.  I excercise regularly.  My dr. acts like it is abnormal to have such a problem at my age that the meds aren't able to control. She doesn't want to get me on too much medicine b/c of my age & if I would choose to have a child. Is there anything else I should be looking into as a possible cause, or do I just chalk this up as a hereditary disease & go with it?  After my last Dr. Apt, she scheduled me an apt. with a cardiologist.  Just looking to see if there is you have any advice.
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It is a bit suprising to have such out of control blood pressure at your age. I have seen some families with this type of pattern though.  Overall, from what it sounds like your physician is on the right track and the cardiologist referal is a good idea. It is very important for you to lose weight and get into a more favorable lifestyle. Good luck
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Sorry to hear about your frustrating blood pressure problem.  My husband also has familial high BP and has found it difficult to gain regular control of it.  He's been 140/90 since his teens and now has a mildly dilated aorta from years of it not being controlled.  It's now in the 125-130/75-85 range, so not much difference on the upper end of that - which is unfortunately where he typically is.  

He's a little overweight too, but like you, not badly.  Our cardiologist thinks losing weight might help some, but he too is struggling to get it down.  

The fact that you're regularly exercising is great!  You're doing your overall health a world of good with that.  I notice my immune system is a world better when I exercise regularly, and I never thought of that as a benefit.  Kinda cool :)

Just wanted to let you know you're not alone.  It seems high BP that runs in families can really be a pain to control, from all the reading I've done and the people and doctors we've talked to.  I hope you have some luck finding the magic pill, we're still looking too.  Keep trying and have patience...that seems to be the mantra for this!
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Hi.  THis concerns me a little because my BP is always at about 140/90 and every doctor I have seen say that it is at the high end of normal but still ok.

Should I be concerned about this?
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There are new recommendations on blood pressure now, saying that 120/80 or lower is ideal.  I believe 140/90 is now considered high.  My husband ran about that for years and now has a mildly dilated aorta from it.  If it were me personally and my numbers looked like that, I'd be taking steps to lower them.
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I saw a Cardiologist and a Hypertensive Specialist.  Read what the Hypertension Specialist told me and the Cardiologist agreed with him.

Scroll down and read my response to "Cody"
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Forgot to say that my "second post" to Cody talks about what the Hypertension Specialist said about the 140/90 BP.
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I have suffered uncontrollable high blood pressure for a couple of years. Several medications were tried including calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, and medications that worked on the elastisity of the arteries and veins. I also followed the suggested diet perfectly, exercised, didn't smoke or drink, meditated -- whatever was suggested! No matter what I did my blood pressure remained at 150-175/95-115. I read the book PROTEIN POWER and went on a low-carb, high-protein diet. Two weeks into it my blood pressure dropped to 117/76! I am now trying to wean off blood pressure medications.
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