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Cardiac Catheterization

I am 52 year old , Male , 90 KGM , Smoker , and making good sports on daily basis .
I made cardiac cathet. last week and ended with the following :-

- RCA : Dominant vessel with mild luminal  irregularities

- LCA : LM:Normal , LCA :Mild luminal irregularities  , LAD : Luminal Irregularities

My Blood pressure is about 13/8 , Fasting Sugar 95  .. 5.3 , with good cholestrol level in the blood .
The HDL and LDL level are  little bit low .
The doctor said all are good and no need for any medication , only Vastor 40 mg  and Asprint 100 one tablet each .

Need to hear more about my situation and if you recommend any further medication or changes in life style .
Thank You
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Luminal irregularities is considered having heart disease. The irregularities are a mild form of stenosis.

Standard treatment for this is a statin to keep the LDL low and aspirin as a anticlot medication.

I think your symptoms are not really explained by the catheterization. The luminal irregularities should not give you discomfort.
If problems persist, I would go back tomy cardiologist and ask him for further tests (holter monitor, echo?)

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Why did you have the catheterization? What kind of symptoms did you have?
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I felt some irregularity with my heart and uncomfortable , visited cardiologist and after making the effort test at very high speed  (my heart beats reached 155) he noticed some irregular signs , then he asked me to make the catheterization .
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Do i need to change my life style like sports , smoking (Moderate)  , type of food ... etc .

Does the stress we live with had an effect .

Also i have some colon symptoms and gazes .

Now i am taking one tab. Asprine 100 in the morning , 1 tab Vastor 40 mg at night , 1 tab Akamon  30 mg , 2 tabs Panadol night on daily basis .

Needs to know more about the future of this heart disease ,

Thank you in advance .
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You can do a lot to stop or slow progression of the disease.

You surely know what actions have a positive effect in slowing or stopping progression: no smoking, physical activity, eating healthy, keeping or getting a healthy weight, limit stress levels, take your medication.

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