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Cardiac Diverticulum

After a recent contrast echo, I was diagnosed with muscular cardiac diverticulum (a pouch on the left ventricle).  I am hoping someone out there is familiar with this condition?  I was told it is rare.  Some of my symptoms are chest pressure, shortness of breath, fatigue, extreme and continuous
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Thanks for the post.

I have never seen a patient with this condition.  It is indeed a rare condition.

The symptoms associated with the condition are described as "protean", meaning that patients present with all sorts of different types of complaints.

The new chest pain is likely a sign that something has changed, and thus deserves further attention.  My understanding is that these diverticula can be associated with potential complications -- I would advise seeing a specialist at a large center to discuss potential treatment options.

Good luck.

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Hi Sunnyside. Please see my post and doctor's answer from
August 10, 2003. I also have a diverticulum in left vent.
I have no idea what particular type it is - muscular or fibrous -and yes, it supposedly is sort of rare. Who knows if it is something we are born with or something that just develops? I have had many caths prior to learning of it yet it was never seen before...that could mean a few things. If it is something that just recently developed (I am in 50's) then I am a bit more concerned about it as it could be the beginnings of an aneurysm.
As far as symptoms, I have congenital heart disease and have symptoms from other things relating to that - so I don't really know if the diverticulum alone is causing any symptoms! Actually, my doctors, and they are good ones albeit pediatric dctors, have not even mentioned it and must not be concerned about it. I saw this several times in the last cath report and a doctor friend of mine also read it in my records and was concerned enough for me to mention it on this site and insists I find out more about it. I will be asking more about this in the future. I cannot find much information about heart diverticulums.
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Hi, coffee:

It was nice to hear from you!  This was just discovered on me recently, and I am sorry that you have it, but now you know you are not alone. I was beginning to feel that way, my cardiologist took my films to conferences, and apparently only one doctor  had seen it before.

I was told that it was something I was born with, although I never had trouble before.  Who knows what triggers these things.

If you'd like to talk or compare notes, feel free to email me at ***@****.

Take care

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