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Cardiac MRI review

I still havent seen MD since MRI, see him in late Jan just wanted interpretation - :what's difference between raw & index, reset function & viability?

             Raw     Normal Range     Index   Normal Range
LVEF     57%        55-75
LVSV     86.9         77-133               48            42-66
LVEDV 152.7        117-200             84            64-99
LVESV    65.8        31-76                 36             17-38

LAD            Reset Function       Viability

Basal Ant            normal                normal
Basal Ant Sept   normal                normal
Mid Ant                 normal                normal
mid ant sept       normal                 normal
aapical ant          normal                 normal
apical sept          normal                 normal

LV size - normal
LV hypertrophy - none
global LV function - normal
regional LV function - normal
RV size  - normal
RV global function - normal
RV hypertrophy - none
LA size - normal
LA other - none
RA size - normal
RA other - none
late enhancement - normal

Aortic Stenosis - No  abnormalities
Aortic Insufficiency - No abnoramlities noted
Mitral Stenosis - No  abnormalities
Mitral Insufficiency - No abnormalities noted
Pulmonic Stenosis - No Abnormalities
Pulmonic Insufficiency - No abnormalities noted
Tricuspid Stenosis - No Abnormalties
Tricuspid Insufficiency - No abnormalities noted

Aorta - No abnormalities noted
Pericardium - No abnormaities noted
Pleural Effusion - none
Pleral Effusion size - none
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Unfortunately, this answer would probably be best addressed by a radiologist that specializes in reading cardiac imaging studies.  However, based on what is reported, this suggests a normal study of your heart - meaning there are no abnormalities noted.  I am not familiar with the term "reset function" although a cardiac MRI often looks at "rest" conditions (unclear if this is a typo).  The term "viability" refers to whether the tissue is "alive" and "functioning" - which by this report, it is.  And again, the findings from this report states that everything is normal.
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