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Cardiac Syndrome X/ Insulin Resistance

I am confused as to what microvascular angina and insulin resistance have to do with each other.  I am pre-diabetic, 35 lbs overweight, 50 yo female.  If I can get my blood sugar down, will I see an improvement in chest pain???
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As far as I understand, micro-vascular angina has no relation with vase spasms which take place in the coronary arteries while the micro-vascular happen in the very small capillaries

Anyway this is what I have found:

"Two characteristic abnormalities in myocardial capillaries in human diabetes have been found in the myocardium: endothelial swelling and/or degeneration and thickening of the capillary basement membrane"


I think that nobody can warrant that you will get better if you low your glucose, but it seems that you can be worst if it stay high or increase.

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This is what you are looking for ....metabolic syndrome.....
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I didn't realize there was any connection between the two.  I have vasospasms myself and deal with the chest pains almost daily. I love it when I have a strectch without any angina. The only correlation I can think of is perhaps diabetes causes muscle cramps.  The heart is muscle. But I don't know. This is interesting. Who told you there was a connection?
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