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Cardiology Report

Left ventricle
LV ID ED PLAX chordal                       (H)             value 6.5cm                        reference 3.8-5.2
LV ID ES PLAX chordal                       (H)             value 6.1cm                        reference 2.2 3.5
LV fx shortening, PLAX chordal           (L)              value 6%                             reference 27-45
LV pw thickness, ED                            (N)              value 0.9cm                        reference 0.6-0.9
IVS/LV PW ration, ED value 0.78
LV end-diastolic volume/bsa                (H)               value 275 ml                        reference 46-106
LV end-systolic volume/bsa                 (H)               value 227 ml                        reference 14-42
LV ejection fraction                               (L)               17.5 %                                 reference 54-74
LV end-diastolic volume/bsa                (H)               value 148 ml/m\s\2               reference 29-61
LV end-systolic volume/bsa                  (H)               value 122ml/m\s\2                reference 8-24
LV ejection fraction, 1-p A4C                (L)                value 16.3%                         reference 46-78
Stroke volume, 1-p A4C value 30 ml
Stroke volume/bsa,  1-pA4C  value 16.1 ml/m/s\2
LV end-diastolic volume 2-p                 (H)                 value 189 ml                      reference 46-106
LV end-systolic volume 2-p                  (H)                  value 158 ml                      reference 14-42
LV ejection fraction 2-p                         (L)                   value 16.4%                       reference 54-74
Stroke volume 2-p  value 31ml
LV end diastolic volume/bsa 2-p            (H)             value 102 ml/m\s\2                  reference 29-61
LV end systolic volume/bsa 2-p             (H)             value 85 ml/m\s\2                      reference 8-24
Stroke volume/bsa 2-p  16.7 ml/m\s\2

Ventricular septum   IVS thickness, ed     (N)  Value  0.7 cm   Reference  0.6-0.9

  Legend  (L) and (H) mark values outside specified reference range
(N) marks value inside specified reference range

I am a 39-year-old woman.....what is my prognosis
Thank you
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