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Carotid Artery Pain / Neck

Recently I have been experiencing pain on the right side of my neck, in what feels to be my carotid artery.  The pain is a very sharp pain that only last a couple of seconds, and starts up every 15-20 seconds.  This can last about a minute or two, and then sometimes even longer.  I'm worried about some type of carotid artery disease?  Is this something I should go right to the dr's about?  I had my blood pressure taken yesterday and is was 126/73.
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I've had pain there too, although I don't know what caused it. It kind of comes and goes for me.
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Do you have any other symptoms especially in the head?  If you have no sysmptoms it quite likely is just a temporary thing.  On the other hand if it affects your head (brain) then you should have it checked out right away.  It is strange that it is on the rightside rather than the left; is anything happening in your abdomen or chest that might relate to it?
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You describe almost exactly what my husband has been feeling! Have you found any information about it since the time you posted the question?
thanks, Jen
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HI, I am 28 years old and a mother of 3 little girls.  I am a 1/2 pack a day smoker x 10 years.  However most of my life I have been very active and exercise regularily.  I have been having this too.  ONLY on my right side.  I exercised 20 minutes on the eliptical this am and had the pain start up during and has continued in intervals for the past 2 hours.  Mine is more like a dull aching pain.
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pain in neck. For awhile i thought the pain i get in the left side (mainly) of my neck was serious too. but Dr's checked my arteries and they are fine. my Doctor says it's muscle spasms and he's probably right. i do have problems with spasms due to neck and lower back problems. so it's mostly muscles but try relaxing, heat and maybe even an aspirin. good luck.
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I am also having this pain and this is the first chat page I've gone to for insight.

I am 19yrs old and atheletic, I usually do hard cardio work for 20minutes 4Xweek, and walk or some mild exercise(cycling) on the off days. I usually eat quite healthy and I do not smoke, drink or do drugs.

The pain seems to come when I increase my heart rate while exercising and stops after exercise(it does not come everytime I exercise though). It also comes when I drink sugary drinks-pop but not sugary food.
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I'm 41 years old and have been getting pain in my carotid arteries now since I was 22. I've been to a few doctors for it, even a headache specialist. The pain is always on one side, but has switched between sides. I get them evey day, and usually about 3 or 4 a day. I had a real physical job and noticed that while I was at work I did better. Once I was home and tried to relax, theres where the pain started. I get the pain as soon as I awaken evey day. The only thing that has helped is pushing on the artery when it hurts,a script from the doc,( amytripillin, )and beer. Beer was my first break from the pain. I'd have 2 or 3 a night, and the next day I'd be neck pain free. After about 1 year, that stopped working, and back to the doc I went. Thats when they tried me on amytrip. and that worked for a while,(almost 2 years). The pains in my neck come and go in cycles. I am currantly getting them and my last bout with them lasted 6 mounths. I was hoping that someone else may know more then I currantly do about the pain in my carotid  arteries and post something that may help. I almost forgot, hot coffee in the morning usually helps in no time, (maybe 30 mins.). I have a 28 oz. cup and sip it all day to keep the pain at bay. Hopefully this can help some of you who get this darn pain.
still alive?
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I have had this several times now.  The first time lasted ~6mos.  The last time it only lasted a couple of days.  I am on Day 2 of this current episode.  I had ultrasound, went to an endocrinologist (they were thinking it might be thyroid, but it wasn't) and they couldn't figure anything out.  I also have TMJ and my jaw gets out of joint, and I get it then as well, but only as long as my jaw is out.  Mine also feels somewhat better when I push on it.  I suppose it might be muscle spasms, but it sure it deep in there.  Ibuprofen only helps a little.  It is nice to find others that have the same thing.
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I am 21 years old and have been experiencing pain in my neck for over a year. My ENT said my carotid arteries were inflamed, but he did not know why.  I get migraines along with the pain and I am really suffering.  When the artery acts up I get head pain.  I can't bend my neck certain ways because the arteries hurt.  I also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I'm wondering if it's all connected. I have anxiety so I was thinking the pain is from my anxiety.  I get chest pain on the left side of my chest and it happens suddenly without warning.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
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So in June 2008 I reported that I was on my 2nd bout of the carotid artery inflammation which had happened 2 years to the month apart.  This week it happened again.  I and my Doc still cannot tell anyone why, other than I have been very physically active lately because it is summer.  I have to wonder if it is being sedentary most of the time and then going highly active due to nice weather that is causing the problem.  In any case, the pain and inflammation are real.  I need to go back to the Doc for another prescription of Naproxen (anti-inflamatories).  They work great though.  Within a week it is all resolved and I am back to normal.  Otherwise it feels like my lymph nodes are all swollen due to infection and I have a lump over my carotid just under my chin.  Never had anything like this all my life (53) and I have really been a go getter the whole time.
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I am also a female in my mid twenties experiencing right-sided shoulder, neck, and eye pain when I exercise.  The pain goes away shortly after I am finished exercising, but I can't figure out what could be causing it.  I was wondering if any of the previous posts ever figured out what was causing their similar symptoms?
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If you are worried your carotid arteries are restricted, I believe a simple doppler test on the arteries (used in echocardiogram) can indicate if there is a flow problem. Mine were checked this way before bypass surgery and a  complete flush during an angiogram later confirmed the results were spot on.
My mother in law has 60-65% blockages in her carotid arteries. Her symptoms were dizziness and occassionally fainting. They have since put her on medication and although the blockages are there, she feels fine. That is apart from the headaches, which she has had for a long time now. However, they seem to believe living with headaches is better than the risk of surgery.
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