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Carotid Endarterectomy

Has anyone out here had a Carotid Endarterectomy and if so could you share your experience.  Thanks
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Not sure I should be writing this, do not want to scare you. I had an endarterectomy on December 23. When waking up in the ICU I had a raging sore throat and hoarseness. Doctor told me it was because of the tube down my throat and all of the throat problems would go away in a couple of days. I was let out of the ICU by the doctor the next day. The nurse said that it was too early because of the pain I had, but he said it's Christmas, let him go home. The throat problem persited and my voice became much hoarser. The sore throat was now accompanied by severe pain when I swallowed. I went to my family doctor who told me I ha a real chronic case of pharyngitis and prescribed anti-biotics, he was concerned with the hoarseness and said I should see an ENT Pro. He made an appontment for me. On my sheduled visit to the surgeon he still insisted that the throat and voice problem was temporary, by now I was taking two tylonolES every three hours, not much help but it did relieve the swallowing pain a little. Went to the ENT who scoped my throat and said I had a swollen vocal chord and pharyngitis, he gave me neurontin. A week later I had a severe reaction to the neurontin and stopped. By mid February I was getting tingling and pain running from behind my ear up over my head. I made an appontment with the ENT department at Hershey Medical ceneter (penn State). They took a strobe video of my throat, the PA that dod this showed me the video, she said that I had a paralyzed vocal chord, a paralyzed muscle in the throat and probably severe nerve damage to the larynx. I go to see the actual doctor on Thursday. My GP called me and told me to come and see him. I did. He had the report from the surgeon. Bottom line. I now cannot speak, my voice is completely gone. Nerve damage to the pharynx is the culprit for the terrible sore throat, head and neck sensations (pin and burning) are due to cranial nerve damage.
I am constantly in pain (I now take vicoden before I go to bed) my ear hurts all of the time. My GP calssified this as major post operative neurological deficits. So now I only can wait to see the doc at Hershey and look forward to a life of strong pain pills. The alternative, however was a massive stroke or death. the carotid artery (left side) was a little over 90% occluded and I did have 4 mini strokes (no damage). In the surgeons report to the doctor he did say he experienced some difficulties during the procedure. I did not know. Hope this does not scare you.
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