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Carotid doppler results normal???

I  am 22 year old and have differential blood pressure in each arm left being atleast 25 lower than my right. I have symptoms such as head aches sensory disturbances on RHS of face, right arm and right stomach. Neurological tests for brain tumour, epilepsy and MS have returned negative. I was sent for a carotid doppler test as the possibility of subclavian steal. I also had a 24hr holter which returned fine, ECG and echo fine. I was meant to be on a king of hearts for 4 weeks but after a day i had a severe allergic reaction to the dots which left burns so I now have a telementry machine until dec 4th. I don't see a cardiologist until then (This is an emergency appoint other wise id be waiting until may 2013 for an appt).
Ive been given the sheet with the recordings from a doppler test I just want to know if these are normal or not (Clearly I am going insane waiting and symptoms are getting worse) I lost function of my right had yesterday with these other symptoms I was unable to even grab a cup. They lasted for about 15 minutes and today I'm fine. Im worried these symptoms are TIA's and theyve been over looked.

Right side
CCA  Systolic cm/sec  143      Diastolic cm/sec 30
PROX ICA  systolic 113            Diastolic    35
DIST ICA    systolic 114           Diastolic   40
ECA           systolic 94            diastolic    16
VA          systolic 58               diastolic 21

Left side
CCA  systolic 167           Diastolic    44
PROX ICA  systolic 112    diastolie   42
DIST ICA  systolic 108      diastolic 48
ECA    systolic 113         diastolic 13
VA  systolic 96             diastolic38
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These values all look relatively normal.  The proximal ICA velocities are normal, the ICA/CCA ratio is is normal at <2.0.  The diastolic velocities are very mildly elevated at just over 40 but with the other values being normal I wouldn't worry about it.  Sometimes the technique to obtain the measurements can be incorrect and give false values.  Disuss the results with your physician.
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