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Change Heart Doctor, 2nd Opinion?

Hi, 25 male, 6'2, 285.
No smoking, alcohol or, drugs usage.

I used to workout for good number of years and now have been out of the gym for half a year because my heart kept scaring me and also had costochondritis for a time period. Recently, I started feeling scary heart palpitations again where I have either skipped beat or big one and feel shocked or breathless for a few seconds.
Today, I tried working for the first time in 6months and again scary heart palpitations when doing cardio.

(Tests) I have done within past 2 years and more recent:
Holter monitor, ekg, ecg,
x-ray, stress test, blood work, cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep test. All tests negative, did not find anything bad, normal.
Family health:
Only high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Great grandma died from heart attack but she was 85.

I mentioned recent events to my heart doctor who is a well known one where I'm from and He responds "your fine, tests prove your okay, workout, and if anything changes or goes bad, then contact me.

I don't know what to do now. Any suggestions?
Thank you
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Always get a second, or even third opinion if you're unsure. Tests can miss things.
Exercise makes your heart stronger, but pushing yourself too far can be bad too. Maybe until you get that second opinion, do some light exercising. Avoid the P90X level, and just do some simple strengthening exercises.
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I know how scary palpitations are!  I had a heart attack at age 31 with no prior medical problems and developed severe anxiety afterwords.  Now when I have palpitations it scares me to death based on my history.  I have now dealt with it for 4 years and have noticed that they are always worse after caffeine and when I lay down.  A lot of people deal with pvc’s on a regular basis and unfortunately it is just something you have to learn to deal with but i would listen to your body because before I had my heart attack I had an unexplainable feeling for months that something was wrong.  But I feel your pain!  Hope you feel better soon!
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