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Checking heart murmur

This is probably nothing but is making things awkward for me. I'm a 26 year old mother of two, applying for the police. During my physical I was told that he had found a heart murmur and the dr wouldn't sign my paperwork off until I took more tests. I was asked about chest pains but didn't really know how to answer. Everyone does sometimes and I had gallstones recently. Based on my history my (different) dr suspected that it was a failure to process all of the pregnancy hormones. I had laproscopic surgery and since then I've had minor gastrointestinal problems. I really couldn't tell apart heart pains from stomach pains because they are both in the chest.

I'm relatively young, excellent fitness, eat well, no family history of heart problems even with relatives in their 90's. We take care of ourselves. There's no reason to suspect that I have a problem. Considering that there are many people with heart murmurs without a problem, what could he be worried about? I just don't see why I'm being held up over this. Considering in just the past 5 years I've run half marathons, had pregnancies and natural labours, surgery etc... if this was a problem, shouldn't it have come up already?
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I'm bumping this. Anyone have a guess as to what he's worried about? To my knowledge lot's of people have heart murmurs, there isn't a history of heart disease in my family and I'm in good shape. I've looked up risks of heart murmurs and can't find anything on it. It doesn't look like anything to be worried about.
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Sometimes a heart murmur can be indicitive of other problems.  I have a heart murmur which turned out to be a leaky mitral valve.  Most of the time a leaky mitral valve isn't a problem unless it is a severe case which can sometimes warrant heart valve replacement.  That is probably why your paperwork wasn't signed off.  They may just want to make sure that it isn't related to a bigger problem.
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You can have a murmer for a variety of reasons, and many of them are benign.  In some cases though this indicates a problem that needs attention.  My son has a leaky aortic valve, found when his pediatrician heard a murmer. It is being monitored until it reaches a point when he will need surgery to have the valve replaced.  Along with this condition came a dilated ascending aorta which also definately needs to be watched as it needs to be repaired before it reaches a size where it could dissect and rupture--a life-threatening event. To make a long story short...even though anthing like this is probably NOT what you have, you want to be sure.  Followup with a cardiologist who can interpret murmers and order echocardiograms.  
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Thanks for the replies. I just thought that to warrant this attention I should have signs, symptoms, family history of heart problems. On Thursday I took an electrocardiogram. On Tuesday I have an echocardiogram. I guess I wouldn't bristle at this if I actually had dizziness, fatigue, palpitations or signs suggesting I had a problem beyond one dr finding a heart murmur. I can't find additional risk factors to warrant the hold up. People usually show symptoms if they have a heart defect. At least, that's what I thought. I'm just frustrated as it seems a waste of my time and tax payers money.
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I understand your frustration since you do not have any symptoms, but sometimes you may not have any physical symptoms and may still have a leaky valve.  More than likely they will not find anything significant on your echo, but they are just wanting to be sure.  Then you can also have piece of mind that everything is OK too.  Best luck with the echo.  
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Look at it from a personnel standpoint.  They want to make sure that down the road you do not come in with a disability claim.  So they want an actual record of your heart's current status.  They can say that it pre-existed entry into the service; and if there's aggravation to the condition then they would have a good picture to see how much aggravation was incurred because of your duty.
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