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Chest Pain & Difficulty Breathing

I have had a wide variety of symptoms for about a month now. They are inconsistent and random. I'm concerned that there is a problem with my heart, but I have now talked to 4 different doctors and none of them have found anything. My symptoms are:

* Chest Pain- started out as a mild discomfort, but has turned into a pain after I felt a "pop" in my chest while laying down last night. Its in the center of my chest and lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

* Difficulty Breathing- it feels like someone is squeezing my trachea when I try to breath, usually occurs with the chest pain

* Numbness/Tingling in both arms- It feels like my arms are "falling asleep" or not getting enough blood, they feel heavy and almost ache

*Headaches & Tense Jaw- it feels like I have been grinding my teeth for a extensive amount of time, which makes my jaw tired and gives me a corresponding headache

*Late Period- my period was late by 10 days

*Anxiety- after I feel any of these symptoms I usually get anxious and have a hard time relaxing because I am afraid something bad is going to happen

*Insomnia- my anxiety makes it hard to sleep, I wake up often at night with my heart racing

*Nausea/Vomitting- my stomach starts to churn and I have thrown up a few times

*Fatigue- When I do get adequate amounts of sleep I am still tired and want to go back to bed

*Lightheadedness- i often get dizzy when I stand up or begin walking

*Heartburn- something I have struggled with most of my life, but I have found that it has become more frequent

*Hot Flashes- I suddenly get very hot and have to find cool air

*Back pain- feels like a pinched nerve in my lower back, it typically hurts when I try to stand up or sit down

I am 20 years old and not in the best of shape. My family does have a history of heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes. I have gone to 4 different doctors. They have done 3 different chest x-rays, and EKG (ECG), blood test, urine test, as well as checked my blood pressure, monitored my heart, and done a pregnancy test. Everything has come back negative but i still have these symptoms. These symptoms are more intense at night, I usually wake up and can feel my heart pounding in my chest.

I have had panic attacks before and am wondering about a panic disorder, depression, as well as any kind of heart diseases. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi there, your symptoms are alot like mine-I've been to Emerg where they did tons of tests....I just got into see my DR last week and he ordered tons of tests-waiting to hear--he thinks it's depression-I think it's something different-I find breathing exercises VERY helpful with the shest pain and anxiety-after learning about hem the tightness in my throat is gone----lie on your back--breath all the way in-hold it....when you can't hold it anymore move the air to the chest and then "push" it out...make a noise like AWWWWW.....like you were looking for your dog forever and then you foud it-like a breath of relief....do this over and over again-you may feel light headed....but believe me it will help
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Same here,  I have almost all of your symptoms.  It's like 90% similar to my symptoms.  But my doctor tells me there is nothing wrong with me.  I even had my liver checked out just in case there is something wrong with my liver.  But even my liver came out ok.  I just don't know what to do.  It's been like 7 month that I had this symptoms come and go.  It's really effecting my everyday life.  By the way, I'm 38 yrs old man.
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