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Chest Pain/Angina

Hey everyone, today when i was laying down on my stomach i started having chest pain just left of the center of my chest, it would come and go. I had this 4 months ago too, i am thinking that i am having angina while at rest which is the bad kind, 2 years ago i went to the Cleveland clinic and had a dopudamine stress echo test which came back as fine, one year ago i had a treadmill stress test done which they also said was ok, i have in the past been overweight and had high cholesterol but it has been 3-4 since that, now i weight 150 and I am 5'9 and my total cholesterol is 124, tryglicerides were arond 140 though, because i do eat alot of pasta, I had my appendix out in October and the doctor asked my about my heart health, they asked if i have any know blockages, and i said none that i know of, i would think that if i had a problem it would have surfaced during emergency surgery, i do not get hardly any exercise, but i really do not indulge in any fatty foods. I do have gastritis though though a recent upper GI. I have much stress in my life and often have panic attacks while alone driving home from work. I do not know if I am on the verge of having a heart attack, to top it all off 4.5 years ago i had a ct scan which showed 0% calcification, just do not know what to think anymore.

Any thoughts is greatly appreciated
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

There could be many reasons for the pain you are experiencing. If with movement you are getting pain it is likely to be an inflammation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue or the bone. This can happen with injury, repetitive activity or an infection of the skin. Sometimes it can be costo-chondritis, inflammation of the sterna rib junction. If the pain is aggravated with work or exercise then it could be due to cardiac pain. The pain can also be due to orthopedic related causes like cervical rib, cervical spondylosis or disc prolapse. A simple x-ray will help and an orthopaedician can guide you.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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I hope all is well.
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