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Chest Pain While Running.

BONJOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Name's Chizzy. I spelt my username wrong LOL. I ave been running for a long time now, about six months and I have been doing it to lose some extra weight, alongside some additional weights training. I have been noticing that when I REALLY run and I start to get very tired, I get chest pains.

It is easily coming from the heart, it is on the left side, you can feel the heart beating etc, so it is definitely on that side but yeah. it is normal? It isn't like a giant pain, it is just kind of sharp and mild-ish but noticable. But my heart rate is only at 161?

I am eighteen BTW.

Should I get an ECG?
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Without knowing more about you and your medical history, it is difficult to say with certainty; but, the fact that you are only 18 and you have a normal heart rate with exercise suggests that you have quite the healthy heart!  Chest pain while running can certainly indicated coronary artery blockage in older patients, but in young females it is usually musculoskeletal in nature and related to the exercise itself (which means it is totally benign!).  If you have a history of asthma, then bronchospasm (tightening of the airways) can sometimes feel like chest pain and that can be treated with using an inhaler just before starting exercise.  I would not get an ECG unless you had other symptoms like chest pain at rest, loss of consciousness, palpitations, etc.
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