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Chest Pain after Cardiac Catheterization???

Here is my situation, 47 year old male, smoked 30 years quit 3. I was referred to a cardiologist because of still feeling shortness of breath during simple tasks like walking up 1 flight of stairs or carrying groceries. I also began to notice swelling in my legs/ankles as the day goes on. Lifestyle & job are mostly sedintery except for brisk walking on treadmill and about neighborhood, I have always had high cholesterol and sugar counts. Currently taking tricor, crestor, asprin (full dose), spiriva for COPD, 10mg adderall for adult ADD, sertraline for chronic depression/anxiety. Occasionally, I have experienced chest discomfort and light headedness after hard work like shoveling snow and taken to the ER but no signs of heart attack after all tests. I know what this (stress related) chest pain feels like and have had it since my 20's during times of extreme stress.

This new chest pain is very different, and the first time it happened was 2 days after my cardiologist performed a Cardiac Catheterization. After the CC I was told everything looked good and less than 25% blockage? So I am out for my first walk, I go maybe 150 yards and WHAM! I get this sharp pain in the center of my chest about 2 inches above the sternum. Like a quick punch it took my breathe away. Then I got another one and another every few seconds. I made it back to the house and sat down and it gradually subsided. This was a scary event and Now it keeps happening  when I exert myself. But not everytime, and not at times when I would expect it. I could go out side and walk 3 miles and have no incidence. Then this afternoon I was simply hosing down my patio and it happened. I have not been back to my cardiologist since the CC because of expense. Any ideas on what might have happened?
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It sounds as though you are not comfortable with the assessments of the physicians who have seen you thus far.  I recommend that you seek a second opinion from a cardiologist at a well-known cardiac center such as the Cleveland Clinic or another university hospital.  If you do seek a second opinion, it will be very important to obtain images from prior studies (including echocardiogram and cardiac catheterization) to show the cardiologist.
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