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Chest Pain

I have blocked arteries and I am going for an engiogram shortly to find out how bad is the blockage. I am on several medications and take Gen-nitro spray when ever I get angina pain. This morning all of a sudden I started to burp. I'ts been about 2 hours now I am burping about 15-20 times in a minute. I have pain and discomfort in my chest. Is it related to heart or I have developed some new problem? Please help.
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I understand your concern, but have they done any other tests yet? Usually they don't go to an angiogram until they have done a stress test with nuclear imaging.

Just curios.....

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Interesting!  Similar to Chaand, I to recently developed the same, but opposite, air discharge, erm.. right.. and with this my digestive system slowed down to a crawl.  or at least my stomach feels full all the time  So, with the exception of exorcising a few days to see if things start up again, would you know how someone might check to see if the innerds are not dieing?  bruising around the waste and/or stomach or something like that?
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many people with heart problems develop lots of wind. It could be that there is insufficient blood flow to the digestive tract due to a diseased heart, or some other factor.
It could also be that exercise is very important for digestion and people with heart disease and angina tend not to do much exercise due to the discomfort.
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