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Chest Pain

Hello.  :)  I'm a 25 year old, 5'4", 110 lb, female. I walk or bike at least 3 times a week for 35-45 minutes. I am on birth control pills. I am adopted and have no known genetic medical history. Since October I've been experiencing chest pains and am currently experiencing my third episode. I've always been very healthy and am, therefore, concerned about this somewhat recent chest pain stuff.

October: I started experiencing sharp chest pains on the right underside of my left breast, toward the center of my chest. I went into the doctor who performed an EKG and a D-Dimer. Both came back normal and the doctor told me not to worry, she thought it was most likely because I'd been lifting weights and the pain was muscular. A few weeks later the pains went away.

A couple months ago (say May): I started experiencing chest pains again, generally in the same area (left breast). However, I also felt some dull pains in my right chest/breast area and some uncomfortableness in my left, upper arm. One night I had sharp pain that hurt very badly when I breathed (causing shortness of breath) in the left breast area that kept me up for about 20 minutes. I went to the doctor a few days later and she performed an EKG, D-Dimer, and cholesterol check with lipids. I told her I'd been sick a few weeks before with a lot of congestion, mostly in the throat that caused thick mucus when I coughed. My EKG and D-dimer came back normal, my cholesterol is normal (under 200), but I have high triglycerides. She told my my chest pain was most likely caused by being sick weeks before and to not worry too much about it. She said when she listened to my lungs I made a "wooooosh" instead of the normal, non-sick "woosh". She told me to eat a low-fat diet (I've basically eliminated red meat and eat more fish), continue exercising (I no longer lift weights just in case I mess myself up again and continue to do my cardio), to drink at most one alcoholic drink per day (tough since I'm in my mid-20s with friends who love to go out drinking, but I try to drink one beer or one glass of wine if/when I drink), and to consider taking 500 mg of niacin daily (I'm taking 250mg and working my way up due to flushing).

Past week-Present: I'm having chest pains again!! I'm concerned because I haven't been lifting weights and my chest pain had gone away from May. I've been feeling a bit congested and have been sneezing; maybe I have a cold? I've had sharp pain in the left breast (same spot as the other two times), dull pain in my right breast, some random, dull/light pains in my arms and left thigh, and some achiness in my lower ribs. It doesn't seem to make a difference if I'm exercising, sitting at the computer, laying down/reading (although I notice the pains more if I lay on my sides). I had one, instant-long, sharpish pain in the center of the chest and near my right scapula. I've worked out for 35+ minutes, moderate-low intensity for the past three days. Two days I had pain, one day I didn't. I haven't been out of breath (more than usual). I haven't been able to pin down how long pain lasts as it seems to not really have a pattern. In general I'd say the pain is dull (3). I had one night where the pain was much sharper in my left breast and when I took deep breaths I could feel like my muscles/breast was grating over the spot that hurt. The spot was also tender to the touch. Today I had two instances during my work out where I took a deep breath and my heart "skipped-a-beat". It only lasted that instant, and then was gone. My heart rate was 108-112 at the time for one, and I don't know about the other. I drank one cup of green tea this morning, before workout... I'm afraid it's my heart, but it could be the caffeine.

Sorry if this is a wall of text/information. I wanted to be as thorough as possible about the past incidences of chest pain and general state of health to get the most accurate feedback possible.

I'm not sure if I should go to the doctor about my current chest pain as I imagine she'll just perform another EKG, another D-Dimer, and tell me "it's the same thing as before... I dunno.. muscles... being sick". However, since I'm adopted and don't know anything about my medical history, I'm worried that it could be a heart thing. Or that it could be related to birth control. I've been pretty anxious lately (I think I'm just stressed out about a lot of life-things and about my chest).

I have NOT had crushing pressure, intense pain radiating from the center of my chest to my arm(s), shortness of breath (other than the norm for working out), intense and frequent headaches, nausea/dissiness/vomiting.

Thoughts and comments appreciated. Thanks!
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Potassium is also very important, eat some bananas :)
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General update:

Saw my doctor today and she said she thinks it's probably just some some of symptom of a virus I might have. My lungs sound clear, my heart sounds normal, my bp is normal, and my heart rate is good. She didn't feel the need to run an EKG as I've had two before and she said that was a pretty good predictor of current and future heart arrhythmia. She said to wait a few weeks and see what happens. If my random palpitations become a constant thing lasting minutes, I should come back in.

She said palpitations and some of my symptoms could be caused by my weight loss and lack of appetite. Not enough electrolytes. I'm supposed to try to ingest more soup and get sodium, magnesium, and calcium.

I'm hoping she's right and all my symptoms aren't really anything!
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Sorry about the slipped disc, hopefully that got taken care of. I know a lot of people attribute chest pain to anxiety as that is a common symptom of panic/anxiety. Hopefully that's what's going on with me.

I've considered stopping birth control due to the stroke/blood clot stuff too. I have an allergy to copper and "cheaper" metals, and my doctor/nurse had said we probably shouldn't chance the IUD route.
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No, they haven't done an x-ray or looked for infection. Just two EKGs, two D-Dimers, and a full cholesterol panel (all which were normal except my high triglycerides). I guess the doctor hasn't felt other tests to be necessary... she just said the first chest pain was from lifting weights, and the other time was because I'd been sick a few weeks before.

I have an appointment on Thursday to get a HPV shot and was planning to talk with her about my current chest pain then. I'm experiencing aching in my right shoulder blade, loss of appetite (I've lost 5-6 lbs in the last week-week and a half and am around 105 lb now) which didn't happen the other two times.

I've felt somewhat more normal today, which is good I hope. I might ask if she feels an x-ray or looking into infection would be prudent.
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Have they done a chest x-ray? have they done blood tests to check if your body has an infection?
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I have suffered with chest pain for over a year now. I have also had the full heart work up and this pain comes and goes. I have had more tests then I can count. FInally after a MRI they found a slipped disc in my neck. The doc said that along with my own anxiety can cause the pain to wrap around into my chest.

I have to say that I beleive her, after all of these tests.... There really is not an explaination. I noticed it comes on stronger once I let it get to me.

I did stop taking Birth Control and got an IUD just because of the increased chance of stroke and High Blood Pressure.
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