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Chest Pains without enzymes showing a heart attack

I have been experiencing severe chest pains much like that when I had my prior heart attacks. I went to the ER over a week ago and after a stress test, it was determined that it was angina. But now, not only do I have the chest pains, I am having skipped beats that takes my breath away. It is so hard to catch my breath at times. I also have a feeling of faintness from time to time. I am without insurance, so I can't follow up with a cardologist, but I know there is something wrong. I can't convince the residents at the county hospital of this. I am wondering if a heart cath would prove this. It sucks today without insurance. I always had it until I lost my job. I went to the ER with chest pains and shortness of breath shortly after I lost this job and before I could put a policy in place. They found the right coronary artery was blocked 90%. That was it. I had been diagnosed with CAD and now no insurance will accept me unless I have around $800 a month for a policy that won't cover the CAD for 12 months anyway................Please help!!
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I am a payroll/benefits manager. I opted not to keep the Cobra. Now work for a company that doesn't offer health benefits/
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I feel for you.............I don't know how long ago you lost your job, but if you were on their group, they have to cover you for 2 years under COBRA.  I am an employer, and I am sure of this.  You would have to pay back premiums to get it reinstated, if you have not cancelled formally as yet.  They may even pay for the ER visit then,  If you did not have  a heart cath, how did they find the 90% blockage?
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Should I go back to the ER???
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how did you find the 90% blockage.....are you right or left artery dominent?  I doubt if the ER would help, but I do think you need to see a cardiologist who can admit you directly to the hospital.  That is , unless you have an acute episode..then take a bayer aspirin and call 911.
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I went to the ER 3 years ago complaining of chest pain and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Much like I do now. They admitted me and did a heart cath the next morning. The blockage was found then. Since then I have had 3 heart attacks that weren't really noticed until the blood work was done. Tryponin (I think that's how its spelled) levels were elavated. But the caths at that time only showed blockages that were too small to deal with. Now this year, I have these skipped beats with chest pain and a feeling that my breath is being taken away. The last trip to the hospital (10 days ago) they didn't order any cath. Just the stress test. I met my target, but when slowing the heart down there were some changes on the EKG and I felt some chest pains. The cardology department never came to my room, but discharged me saying it was angina. I know deep down something has gone astray, but not in the mood to sit in the ER again, only to be sent home. Going to a cardiologist without any insurance is not an option. They just ask that I go to the ER. That's the answer when I consult my GP. And he's right. Without the means to have the tests done, it's hard to diagnose what's going on........It's called being in between a rock and a hard place. And it's not fair to a woman that went to college and has worked since she was 16. Worked in this capaicity 33 years now.I am only 54 and ths is so hard for me. Brings me to tears. I just don't know what to do or where to turn......Thanks, for listening, though.
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I am so sorry.I for one would NEVER be without health insurance...I have seen too many people lose everything....my kids all have their own insurance.  It is like being without car insurance, or homeowners.....I have sacrficed much to maintain my policy, but I have no option.  I pay almost 1200/month, just for me.  We all make choices in our lives, and have to face the consequences............you, IMO, made a reckless choice, and are in dire need of help.  This could be a matter of life and death.  I wish you well.  I hope you at least medically managed.  Good luck.
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This is suppose to be support???????
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Sure sounds like support to me.  What kind of support did you have in mind?

Sympathy?  Ok, I'm really really sorry that you're in such a pickle.

Advice?  Ok, i'd say go get checked out by a cardiologist.

Opinion?  Ok, being without health insurance is not a good thing in this day and time.  It was a bad idea to not keep the cobra.

Anything else I could help you with?
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Not keeping the COBRA reckless??????? Hmmm...let's see, I am supporting 2 grandchildren and 1 foster son. At the time, I was in good health and thought it a better idea to pay the mortgage and utilities, even put some food on the table while pounding the pavement for a management job...I was 51 ya know and the younger ones were looking also........Only thing I am looking for in here is why I continue to feel so crumby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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btw........howdy neighbor. I'm in Texas too
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I meant to tell you to call and try to get all of your cardiac medical records. Make yourself copies and have these records available for the ER doctor. They will inevitably lose these records, lol.
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Whether or not you have insurance, you can get help. We the taxpayers pay for illegal aliens and prisoners to have heart transplants. So that being said, let us look at your situation.

Your life is priceless. You can go to the ER of a public or not for profit hospital that receives funds from the federal government. Once there, they cannot legally make you leave until you have received treatment. In your case, your symptoms suggest you need either a nuclear imaged stress test of a cardiac catheterization.

If you had insurance, and considering your previous cath that did show CAD, they would probably skip the stress test and perform a cath. Then they could insert stents to clear your blockages. This could/would prevent you from having a massive fatal heart attack and relieve your chest pain. Of course you must make sure that your lifestyle is heart healthy after being "fixed".

If the doctor chooses a stress test, and if the results show a lack of blood flow to the muscles of your heart (ischemia), a cardiac catheterization is required. This is the natural course of treatment that you SHOULD receive without having to raise heck!

You will be billed for the associated cost, depending on the hospital you choose. Pay a small amount each month on these bills. Do not let them bother you. Remember the illegal aliens and murderers who receive heart transplants and bypass surgery.

Some hospitals, such as the Cleveland Clinic, do not turn anyone away due to finances/medical insurance. They are a not for profit organization. They have at least 2 locations. One in Cleveland Ohio and one in Miami Florida.

If you are not close to anyone of these locations, try to find another hospital that will not turn you down. I flew to Cleveland from Alabama and took a taxi to the Cleveland Clinic ER. They performed a cath the next day and inserted the 4th stent into my LAD. I have another stent in my obtuse marginal or left circumflex. I am blessed to have medical insurance though. My coverage is from my wife's policy. She works and I am retired. I try to keep house :)

Hugs and best wishes for your future health care,

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Hi neighbor.  I'm not sure that plan would work very well if you have any assets.  Of course, you'd be alive, but probably wind up having nothing.  That's why our medical care system works so well for illegals--they have nothing.  I'm at a loss............What part of Texas?

Jack, you sly devil!  Covered on your wife's policy?  A month or so ago, you had no wife and no family at all, remember?  Musta been a whirlwind romance, I suppose.............Oh what a tangled web we weave etc. etc.
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They would have to fight the IRS for any thing they could liquidate now, Jim
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IMO, a 50 something person with a history of heart disease who opts to drop her health insurance should not whine "unfair" when it hits the fan. There are many companies that offer health insurance, and with a college degree and 33 years experience, I don't think it would be too hard to find one.  Or a second job at McDonalds, or whatever it takes.  We reap what we sow.
I have heard of patients transferring all assests, even getting divorced, and then going on medicaid.  I had a young man with ALS who did that.  Bitter as hell too.
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You are in great shape today!  LOL.
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Thank you Jack..........Houston area.  Live on the beach in Galveston. Surfgirl, dear friend, I was a healthy woman when I lost my job. Was in between when I ended up in the ER. Hind sight, eh?
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Chest pains have settled down a bit today, but still so short of breath. I wish i could get this elephant to move over.
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I have never denied having a wife and 2 grown daughters. Can you show me where I made this statement? I know that you can't because I have never made it.

You are either truly confused or just trying to make me look bad. Why are you hounding me on this board? I was here before you and all was fine. You and your pal, Surfgirl are making it hard on myself and other sick people.

As far as I know, both of you are asymptomatic and living the high life. I and many here are in the middle of a heart disease crisis. A little pain might help you to be more compassionate.

As for the old board that doesn't exist, I helped many, many people understand their heart problems. Then I had people that begin to hound me for whatever reason. Envy in how I dealt compassionately with people was one I think.

I began to drink because of my fear of death and made some terrible post on that board. One was faking suicide. My father committed suicide when I was 3.5. That was the most painful event in my life. I think I thought it would be the most painful way to get back at my enemies, or cause them the most pain. Turns out that only Vee seemed to really care.

Before that came the infamous "Cheeseburger War" started by your surfing gal. Are you making these hateful comments so that your groupies from your "main heart support group" can come here and see just how you are man enough to dish out punishment for me?

No one here cares to hear about things that did not happen here, except for all of you that came after I changed my name here to Jack, after I could not log in under Goldie.

Remember when you had 2 screen or log in names on the old board and under the unknown name you were making derogatory post that everyone thought was me, just by the way you worded your post? I caught you and proved it without a doubt to all. Did I get an apology from you, when you tried to make me look bad? No I didn't.

Get off of my back.

Surfgal, keep agging on your pit bull.
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Thank you for your post. I have been stewing over what to respond to the two of them myself. Many come here with real questions and problems, like myself. The last thing they need at a time like this is to be criticized and ridiculed. As for surfgirl's post "you reap what you sow" that goes both ways.
I will be following up with my doctor today to get more answers. Since being discharged from the hospital 10 days ago, I still feel there is something going on that perhaps a cath will reveal. My last cath was a year ago this past June. Thanks again, Jack.
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To be honest with you, your fake suicide really got to me.  I spent a lot of time researching obits and such to try to document it, as did several of your other "friends".  Then, you turn up over here, alive and well, and deny being on the other board, deny the suicide thang, deny knowing folks who considered you a friend, and yes even denying your wife and two grown daughters.  I think you will be able to find the post involving the "no family" concept.  I'm not going to spend my time looking for it.  But, that's about it in a nutshell.

Yes, on the other board you sure did help a lot of people.  And also, on the other board, you hurt a lot of people, probably more deeply than you can fathom.  There are some of them that are still very wary of posting anything on these boards because of the explicit threats that you made.

In spite of all this, I bear you no ill will.  I hope you feel better, now that you have admitted to this stuff.  I know it did me some good.  I am now prepared to not mess with you any more.

Confession is good for the soul, ain't it ?


214864 tn?1229718839
214864 tn?1229718839
You are so welcome my good friend. I do not know where the bitterness comes from. These two are in good shape physically. I guess you could say that they are in "remission". Jim is a retired postman that receives a good retirement check. surfgirl is a very successful entrepreneur. She has had tragedy in her life.

The funny thing is (not funny), you can lose all you have in order to save your life, and when you recuperate, you can slowly rebuild your life, with regard to having the "material possessions". Maybe these two look down on people that do not have medical insurance and material possessions due to a series of unfortunate, life shattering events. We are not always in control of our destiny.

I can surely empathize with your raising grandchildren...I raised one of my grandsons for the first 8 years of his life. It is a very demanding job. They are so dear, but at our age, it isn't really right for us to have to raise our grandchildren. I gave his Mother all that she needed to be successful. She blew it. She is finally doing just great though. A bad thyroid made her crazy!!! We had no idea. It went undetected for years. If anyone has a heck raising teen, I advise them to get their thyroid checked.

Money means nothing to me. I could easily live under an overpass :)

Oh yeah, my grandson is coming to live with us for 3 or 4 months. His father is in the Army (go Army lol) and is being transferred to another far away state. My daughter is expecting and is due in November. She is going with him to have the baby and they want my 9 year old grandchild to have us to keep him straight with his home work and all. They will be busy house hunting and baby stuff, lol.

I really miss him. He will be here Thursday. I have been fortunate enough to have really  spoiled him all of his life.

Best of health and luck to you :)


P.S. Do you know a French middle name that starts with an M, and will go with Jeremiah ----------Cardon? It is a family tradition to have the initials of JMC. They are Cajuns (French Canadians I think)
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[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Big Hugs!!!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
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