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Chest Pains

For about the past week I've been getting chest pains on my left side.  They are located exactly near the bottom inside of my rib close to my stomach.  I also have a racing heart beat which just thumps like crazy.  These pains I have been getting in my left lower chest are kind of sharp spearing pain.  I do smoke but am not a heavy smoker at all.  These aren't really scaring me but I'm am starting to get a little worried.  Last nights chest pains was the worst of all. Shot right from under my left arm pit, right through my chest and kind of into the stomach.  I'm 18 and didn't attend class today because I thought maybe I look for some help on the web.  Thanks for your time...
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Dear Darren,

You should have this evaluated by a physician.

Please seek medical attention for this.
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Dareen, Get to a doctor as soon as possible (like yesterday).  You need to have your doctor rule out any possibilities.
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Thanks for the information...
The pains are still there but not as much as before.  In the past 2 days I have experienced only 2 pains (1 each day).  But I figure it might just be the muscle's seeing as it happens sometimes when I commit a certain movement.  I shall make another doctor appointment tomorrow.  The doctor's are probably getting sick of me.  Hehe. Thanks again.

P.S. How come no CARDIO CCF or whatever answered mine?
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Dear Darren,

Sometimes it can take a while for questions to get answered. On weekends it takes longer. It may be that the doctors are busy or that they have some doctors who specialize in the area of the question asked. The doctors who respond to this forum are great and when my doctors didn't answer my concerns the forum doctors did. I find them to be very knowlegable and caring. Don't worry give it some time. They won't let you down.

I'm very glad that you are still going to see your doctor even though you think that it may be muscles. Remember I'm not a doctor and I am only going by my experiences. I'm sure your doctor will not be sick of your questions and if he/she is then they are not very concerend with how you feel. Again good luck, let us know how you make out. BEST WISHES Sandy T.
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Dear Darren

I have the same pain as you do. I have had this for a year now and this summer I found out that I have what is called serious cardiac arrhythmias. Since aug. I have test after test and they still are not sure what is causing them.

I agree totaly with the previous comment. I now have two cardiologists trying to find the problem. Your doctor will probably order some tests. At the same time I wouldn't be too alarmed because I have alot of other symptoms and sometimes It Is hard to breath but both doctors have assured me that this is not life threatening and most cases are so easily treated.

I hope that you have discussed this with your parents they may  know of other family members who may have problems like that. Our muscles can play a big part in that kind of pain as well. good luck!! best wishes

                                          Sandy T.
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Dear all,

Thanks for all the good comments and support provided to Darren.  Best of Luck to all.
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