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Chest Vibration

For the past couple of months I have been experiencing what I can only describe as a vibration in my left chest area.  Something similar to what you might feel if you have your cell phone on vibrate in your chest pocket and a call came in.  The episodes are a few seconds in length, but happen countless times during the day.  However, I do not seem to notice them during sleep.  There is no pain associated with the episode itself, but sometimes I feel pain in other areas afterwards.

I have gone to my soon to be former PCP regarding this situation.  He referred me to a cardiologist who had several EKG's, a cardiac ultrasound, and a 24 hour Holter monitor done.  The results of all of these studies were essentially normal.  Because of that, both physician's condsider that they have "done their job."  My PCP has basically told me to "go talk to someone about it", if this situation is becoming all consuming to me.  In other words, he is basically diagnosing this as panic disorder, however, he refuses to treat the panic, or offer me other alternatives to investigate.

I have searched high and low to an answer to this problem to no avail thus far.  Can anyone offer any thoughts on this?
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Did you experience the vibration during the 24 hour holter? If not I would certainly insist on a 30-day monitor.

Maybe not cardiac but neurological? I have a lot of sensory disturbances related to multiple sclerosis - but without any other symptoms I'm not sure you'll get anywhere.

Unfortunately in my experience you have to wait until things get worse to actually get a diagnosis. Good luck!
Hi , Also same situation with me buzzing and vibration the same place as you defined Still this time I am typing and feeling Buzzing at my LV to Axilla Left , I am a Doctor and knew that this is Anxiety Stage , if you feel dipration at that time it possible in 3% of people in the world, I am feeling this conditions and symptoms for 20 days now .
Did this turn out to be aortic regurgitation problem for you?
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Have you had a chest x-ray?  I ask only because this could be related to your lungs, not your heart.  If you had a small blockage or mucus build up in your lungs, it could manifest itself as a vibration upon breathing inward.  This would not necessarily happen every time you breathe.  Especially if it is related to a mucosal build-up, the vibration would only occur when the mucus was dislodged and therefore "vibrating" with the intake of breath.

I get this weird thing when I have a chest cold.  Having had asthma much of my life, I was well aware of the sensation, but many people would not necessarily notice it.  I do not always have a cough or "tickle" when this happens, but that weird vibration is a dead giveaway for me.

Also, if you experienced the vibration during the holter monitoring and nothing showed up then you can rest assured that whatever it is, it is not related to your heart rhythm.  Unfortunately, if your cardiologist saw a benign arhythmia (PVC's, PAC's) that were few and far between, h/she could have dismissed the EKG as "normal" and not given you the satisfaction of at least knowing that there was a reason for your odd sensations.  You have a right to read the holter results.  You may want to do that....or at least get a copy for your "new" doctor.

I do suggest that chest x-ray though.  A vibration in the chest could have so many non-cardiac causes that simply dismissing your concerns because your EKG was normal doesn't seem "thorough" to me.

Good luck,
Your description sounds the same as mine. I have a vibration and mucous cough for months.  The vibtation just was noticed.  How did they treat you?
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This sounds exactly like my situation. A few months ago I had some weird heart episodes that seemed to be triggered by drinking alcohol, caffeine and eating greasy food. I also experienced nausea and ended up losing 25 pounds in 5 months. I went to the doctor with my primary concern being my heart. They did a few EKGs, some blood work and a 24 hour holter monitor. All of these came back normal. I reduced my alcohol intake and stopped drinking energy drinks. The episodes subsided, but I have still been feeling this odd chest vibration for the past 3 months. It is almost always on the left side and sometimes a tightness feeling comes and goes.

My doctor now firmly believes that there is nothing wrong with my heart and attributes any feelings I have to anxiety. Thus, I am left to simply hope the feelings go away some day. It is frustrating because the vibrations are quite annoying and seem to trigger more anxiety. Has anyone experienced these and had them go away eventually?
cipriani - any update? did the vibration end up being heart related? thanks
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This week I started getting vibrations on my right side. First I thought it was my heart..but it seems to be more towards the center of my right breast. It lasts like 3-4 seconds..enough time for me to pay attention and put my hand on it to see if I can really feel something.But I can't with my hand and it stops. It is a really weird feeling. But I'm not dizzy or faint or nauseas  or anxious. I did start taking a decongestant early this past week. I'm not sure if it was the same day or not. But I'm still taking one 24 or 12 hr capsule of pseudoephedrine. I'm going to use my vibrating massager there and see if it dislodges something.
lilmex - what became of your chest vibrations?
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Have you ever had a PE I did a few years back and ever since I feel this vibration in my chest just under my left breast. No one knows what it is. They tell me it's anxiety. But I know it's not a head thing it's very real and I intent to find the cause. S.B .
Susan1995 - what did you find out about your chest vibrations?
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I have EXACTLY the same symptoms.  Feels just like a cell phone on vibrate in my left chest shirt pocket!  It is intermittent.  I had it today and tried holding my breath to see if it would stop. It didn't.  So...I don't think it has anything to do with my lung. I have previously been diagnosed with "Right Side Bundle Branch Block".  The doctor told me that the bundle of nerve branches that stimulate the right side of the heart is blocked, i.e. does not work. He said right side is not a problem. Left side is. They don't do anything about it.  I wonder if the "cell phone vibrate" could have something to do with that?  I am away from home for next 2 months. Will ask Dr when I get back.  It is not "anxiety" or a "panic attack".  That's BS.  I have these episodes at rest, when walking, etc.  It is clearly physical. No pain associated with it at all.  
There is something called 'muscle fasciculation' (you can google it), in which various fibers of a muscle, or the whole muscle, will get into a fit of twitching.  For some reason, eyelids and pectoral muscles seem especially prone to it.  Generally, it is a benign if very annoying condition perhaps related to stress or tiredness. MDs can rule out any bad possibilities, like heart muscle spasms, which do NOT appear on the surface of the body the way the twitches do in this video:

JimmyMacD - what was the outcome for you with the vibrations?
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I have experienced this too! It's not often, and it doesn't happen more than once or twice the days it happens, but it feels like my heart is beating far faster than normal. Sometimes it happens after I've excersized, but in the time period when my heartrate should have already slowed down quite a bit more. A year ago when it happened I tried to measure the rate when it did this but I couldnt measure well and the person I was with told me it was normal. Sometimes it happens when I wake up or just before I go to sleep. Sometimes it occurs when I stand up after sitting or lying down, the only symptom of postural hypotension that lasts longer than ten seconds if it happens. Right now I can feel it too though, on a low scale. Sometimes the beating is sharp and hurts more than just the rapid sensation. I don't drink coffee, I don't drink alcohol.

I can't help but think it may be related to my low blood pressure or perhaps dehydration.
I have experienced this many times but not just in the chest, other areas such as arms, feet etc. The chest vibration is most noticeable when I first wake in the morning and shift position and it's really strong - I can put my hand on my chest and feel a central vibration. It usually lasts about 10 seconds before fading away. I previously thought it was tachycardia but my pulse is normal during the vibration sensation so I can only assume it's muscular. I've had several holster monitor tests which have come back normal, but a recent ECG following prolonged palpitations gave an abnormal result so I'm having an echo and another Holter later this month. Have had neuro checks and MRIs as I get other weird symptoms - numbing in fingers and skin sensations. Parkinson's & MS have been dismissed. I would really like some answers as to what this is as it's worrying. Could it just be stress?
Hey, Graphismo,  Everything you've described is exactly what I'm experiencing.  Did you ever find the cause?
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Just found this...http://www.healio.com/cardiology/learn-the-heart/cardiology-review/aortic-regurgitation

What is your update cmac425?
I have had aortic regurgitation for more than a decade (monitored by regular testing) and have never experienced a vibration of any kind.

Two things about 'vibrations':

1.  If you can feel the sensation in your chest when you put your hand over it, you are experiencing 'fasciculation,' the quivering of a skeletal muscle in the chest, outside the special internal compartment the heart is suspended in.

2.  If--in spite of the vibration--you can do all your normal activities (walking, going up stairs, carrying a heavy load of groceries, etc) *without* fainting, vomiting, pouring out buckets of an extraordinary cold sweat, or feeling as though an elephant is sitting on your chest, then the sensation you feel is medically insignificant.  It is the worrisome but pointless equivalent of an eyelid twitch.
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Graphismo.... Can you give an up date... Your systems are very close to Mine...
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I have same problem this time.. The. More i feel it the more it killing me with worrisome..  Is it serious matter .. And wat i do immediately
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I have the same symptoms and I just want to let you know you may be having something called esophageal spasms.  I thought my heart was fluttering so my doctor did a heart monitor, stress test and an EKG and they were all negative. Finally she decided to have my esophagus inspected with a scope and that doctor told me the minute he started putting the scope down my throat he could see my esophagus was having constant spasms. It almost always happens if I'm extremely nervous or drink/eat anything with caffeine. It feels like it's on the left side and actually vibrates next to my heart so that's why it feels like my heart is fluttering.  Sometimes it's so strong that I choke and can feel it with my hand over the area. I can also see my chest vibrating. Over time, I realized  I absolutely can't have caffeine and if I do start having a spasm I just drink a glass of water and it almost always stops.  Just wanted to throw that out there because I know how scary it is. You definitely think you're heart is the problem which makes you feel even more nervous and that causes more spasms.  So if you're having these symptoms, drink something with caffeine to see if that starts it then drink water and if that helps then you now have your diagnosis without spending a fortune on tests, like I did. Hope this helps someone out there.  Take care of yourself ya,ll!
I am having those vibrations inside my chest as well.  Haven't told
My  doctor yet.  I think it can be from anxiety..but I don't know.  
My doctor says I need mamnogram what could it be
Thank you
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I've had the same problem. I went to the cardiologist and after test he suggested that it was some kind of phantom vibration from not having the phone on me.  I told him I don't wear my phone on me.  He was basically saying I was crazy. I moved to a different cardiologist, but they don't know what's causing it. From reading and asking around the only thing I can figure out is that it's anxiety. Another co-worker has had the same thing happened to them. I also get Hemifacial spasms in my face.
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