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Chest X-Ray

I'm not sure if this question belongs here, since heart disease has been ruled out, but I'm guessing anybody with some  experience in this field can answer my question.
Basically I went to the doctor today because of a strange sensation in my chest I have been having for over a year and I will go to a chiropractor on Thursday, since I've been also experiencing some muscle tension in my back.
I've had many panic attacks thinking my heart will stop beating any second. I haven't had any for 6 months until yesterday, but I've been under a lot of psychological stress lately.
When I got home I looked at the X-Ray again and noticed something my doctor didn't talk about. Above my heart there is this part that stands out to me and also the spot that makes me feel uneasy. Please excuse the quality my scanner isn't working. Can anybody tell me if this is normal?
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