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Chest discomfort and tired after stenting

My husband had a stent put in the lft. Anterior descending art.which was 95% blocked in 2000
he has a 25-50% blockgage in the rt. cornary arterior. He now takes Toprol xl 25 mg. and norvasc 10 mg. Our problem is and no one seems to know, why is he so tired all the time? He still works and its a hard job forklift mechanic. He is always so tired since this happened? he keeps his nitro with him at all times, i don't know if he is not telling me something. Stress test every year shows fine. We live in Kansas City, and I think I had the best doctor for him at St. Joeseph Hospital. But i watch my hubby and he holds his lft arm sometimes up across his chest and has bad headaches all the time. They checked his legs last time they were fine. He is 62. I just feel something is being missed. Thank you for being here. cwbblb.
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Sorry to hear your husband is having problems.  From a cardiac perspective, an exercise stress test possibly with imaging (echo or nuclear) to rule out ishcemic causes (causes from coronary blockages) and to make sure the heart is functioning normally.  If these tests are normal and there is not good reason to suspect they are falsely incorrect, the lack of energy is probably not related to his heart.

Is he having symptoms?  Is he using the nitro glycerin tablets and not telling  you?  with the negative stress test, this is probably not the case.  The other question is he fearful of having a heart attack or cardiac problem so much so that he is cutting back on what he does?  We do see this sometimes.  With his doctors approval, a regular exercise regimen may be the best thing for him.

I hope this helps and good luck.
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Toprol also made me very fatigued, so they switched me to something else.

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I was placed on Toprol after stent and was so tired I could hardly walk.   After trying several doses I was switched to a low dose of lopressor which is shorter acting and I felt better in a few days- and even better after being able to resume exercising. I do not have a major blood pressure problem .  May want to see if you can get along with a lower dose (ask physician).  I also bought a blood pressure monitor which is easy to use and is helpful,
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Were either of you put on Plavix after the stenting.  I am told I need to be on Plavix for a couple of years to keep the stents open.  This med can also cause fatique.
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I am on Toprol 50 mg as well.
Tell him to take the drugs at dinner time. He will experience the fatigue at night while he is sleeping.

It works great for me. Whenever I take the Toprol in the AM it wipes me out all day.

Try it, it really works.
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I've had PVC's now for about the last 3 months and my Cardiologist put me on 100mg of Toporol.  Now my PVC's are between 700-1500/day, but the Toporol makes me extremely tired and tight chested with shortness of breath.  I'm thinking the cure is worse than the problem and have a call into him today.

Anyone else experience this?  The lopressor aggrivated my PVC's which is why he switched me.  All tests were OK (echo, stress, ekg, blood etc).  

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