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Chest discomfort

I am a 40 year old male, 6'4", 287 lbs.  I have high cholesterol and take Crestor and a lipid daily.  My father had a heart attack (and survived) at age 64, and I've had two stress tests since then as a precaution.  Both came out fine (ast one was in the fall).    I'm overweight and not in the best shape.   I eat ok, but get hardly any exercise between my job and having 3 young children.   Recently, I've been getting some pressure in the center of my chest (just left of my sternum), but it is generally relieved when I press on it and/or burp.  I also get tightness in my left shoulder and shoulder-blade, and some numbness, but I also have a herniated disk in my neck.   If I press on the shoulder muscle in the right place, or sleep on it oddly, my arm falls asleep.   I don't get chest pains when I go up stairs or run around with my kids, but I do get some chest tightness and get out-of-breath easily.   I don't know what to think - if I had a stress test 10 months ago, but still have these types of discomfort, is it my heart? Or is the pressure gas-related and the shoulder-tightness likely related to the herniated disk?  Please advise.
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I can't tell you whether your pressure is related to your heart or not, only a cardiologist can/should.  Based on your high cholesterol, family history, and fitness level, I'd recommend seeing your cardiologist and having at a minimum a nuclear stress test (much more accurate than a non-nuke stress test in my opinion).  I've not heard of cardiac symptoms easing by burping/pressing, but if you are having chest tightness and shortness of breath while going up stairs or running around with your kids, then I think it is smart to be checked out thoroughly as soon as possible.  That way, you can confidently work on improving your fitness level, which I think is key to staying healthy given your history.  I do everything I can to be around for my kids down the road, and I'm sure you'd agree w/ that sentiment.  Best of luck, and I hope all turns out well.  Take care!
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Love your choice of "Sox".
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Thanks!  Always good to "meet" other Red Sox fans!
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