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Chest pain / Coughing

Posted By nmum on May 29, 1999 at 14:05:59
I am 38 years old, have high blood pressure,  Weigh about 190 pounds. Yes! In the very high risk group. I'm on medication for high BP - toprol XL - 50mg a day. I used to be on diuretics until the last couple of months. Since early march, I've been having coughs - persistently, having shortness of breath, palpitations and skipped/extra heart beats. I saw a cardiologist who did a stress test - just a simple one and EKG. The stress test was normal, but I did not have any attacks during stress test. But I continue to have coughs, kind of anxiety feeling - as if I'm anxious all the time, laboured breathing. This can occur for hours every day. Some days pass without any incidents. Please help me. what could this be. The cardiologist thought they were PVCs. But nothing happened during stress test. I do seem to get slight pain in my chest, but nothing unbearable, it's just a pinch of a pain, sometimes may be a burning sensation. I'm scared. Please help with advice as to what I should do.
Thanks a millioon for all your help.

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