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Chest pain

For approx 2.5 weeks now I have had chest pain. It started in the centre and now radiates to the left and right. I am exhausted and can just make it to 730 each night.
Last weekend my chest felt like it was been sat on by an elephant. I went to the hospital they did an ecg that was fine, stress test for my heart passed no probs the only thing they discovered was mild tenderness where my gallbladder is as well as some indications of infection and inflammation in my blood work. I had a scan two days ago and they said if I don’t hear from them all is good - I didn’t. I don’t believe stress is a contributing factor as I’m on holidays and enjoying pottering about in my veggie patch. I train at the gym 3 days a week and run. I’m just at at dead end now as to what is causing the pain. Considering the area around my gallbladder was tender I’m thinking that but my scans came back ok....I know it’s hard to diagnose but any ideas? Thanks.
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Personally, I'd see a cardiologist and make absolutely sure you are not having any issues with your heart.  I'd get a full work up.  That sounds heart related.  Once you know for sure, then you can look at other things.  Gerd or acid reflux can cause symptoms like this.  Not sure about the infection and inflammation in your blood work.  You have an infection of some sort?  Are they treating with antibiotics?  steroids?
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Did they get a troponin level? An echo? Abdominal ultrasound? CBC with deferential? Sometimes bleeding into the abdomen  can show up as "infection" and then if it continues you could become anemic and short of breath from the blood loss. What kind of scan did you have. CT? If you're not feeling better keep on them. Don't wait for them to call you... Docs expect you to return if the symptoms don't resolve. They should know that returning patients are usually serious. They may have ruled out an MI, but that doesn't mean you can't get care for angina. People can have reduced artery flow to the vessels that feed the heart causing chest pain. When it's fully obstructed that's a heart attack. When it's partially obstructed you can take medicine to open it up and in the mean time make lifestyle changes.
Keep pushing them. When patients come back, they often know they should pay attention because they either missed a diagnosis or they misdiagnosed you.
just telling you they didn't see something on a scan isn't a diagnosis. Call and ask what your official diagnosis is, and what they are going to do to make you better?!! Even if they were ruling out an MI, gall stones/gb infection, pancreatitis, an aortic aneurism, they should have some explaination of the chest pain.
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Thank you both for your comments. Well the abdominal ultrasound came back not probs so not the gallbladder. Not sure that they got a Troponin level? Echo still to be booked in. I feel that my GP is putting it down to anxiety which I disagree with - she said it's panic attacks? I have never had chest pain before , I am not an overly anxious person and never experienced anything like a panic attack before and if it is panic attacks I am getting them about 5 times a day (that's on average how many times I feel the pain). Yesterday for example I had a wonderful day with friends, watched one of my daughter's win an sporting award and sat down by a lagoon and was enjoying life. About 730pm last night while watching TV the pain started again and this time it was sharp in the centre of my chest and was quite uncomfortable. It feels like each time I feel this pain it's getting sharper every time.
I will chase up the heart echo and see what happens I guess.....
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Found my Troponin lvel 0.01....
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Do not believe ur scans came back ok.   Sometimes they get filed away without the dr EVER SEEING THEM.   It happened to me.  Something a nurse told me came back fine, missed a test result of a second test. Itvwasnt till I asked for my records to see a differen a dr , did I start going through my file. There it was.   I was very ill for a long time.  Mistakes happen.
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