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Chest pain That come and goes not so but discomforting

Hello Good Morning Every One, I am very much worried about my chest pain which was first occur previous month and then i perform blood test and Ecg .Blood Test show that my total cholesterol level 221 and triglyceride 178 i am at 29 years old and my body weight 63 kg which i reduced within one month to 60 kg and perform blood test again which show total cholesterol 188,serum triglyceride 154,HDL 31 LDL 131.After that my GP Prescribed  only omeperazole 20 mg capsule and antacid tablet.After 5 days i admitted hospital due to chest pain and another blood test performed where cardiac Troponin shows 0 but CKMB 19.0 and ECG Normal, x-ray normal and doctor advised  me to show a cardiologist. After 10 days after taking schedule of cardiologist when i felt pain and perform another cardiac troponin and CKMB Test which show troponin=0 and CKMB =25.8 U/L .After that cardiologist perform 2D Echo and Stress test and after that told me that the not related to heart ,it may be muscle pain or others ..and prescribed muscadol tablet and omeperazole. But pain still happening ,it make me worried.Another doctor called me to visit a psychiatrist.What should i do..please advice...i am very much worried when pain occured..i also have some constipation and Gastric acidity and try to avoid all bad foods and a nonsmoker.
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