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Chest pain and diverse symptoms

I am a 23 year old male with no family history of heart problems; I don't smoke, and I drink moderately/socially (although not lately).  I do have mild/controlled asthma.  

About a month ago, I started having chest pain -- a mild/moderate burning sensation on the left side of my chest, and a bit of a tingling pain in my shoulder.  After a few days I went to the ER and they did and EKG and x-ray, and my GP subsequently ordered an ECHO and blood tests.  All were normal.  My GP has thought this was anxiety and maybe GERD, but my Upper GI also came up normal.  

Over the last week or so, the chest pain has come back.  It has gotten worse throughout each day, and seems to hurt more when I'm lying down or after coughing.  The pain ranges between mild and moderate and feels like burning/tingling/aching.  I feel it mostly by the left breastbone, on the side of the chest, and by my shoulder.  I also have some soreness in my left shoulder, some sensations of tingling/pain going down my left arm, and some pain/soreness in the upper/left part of my back (although I felt like I may have tweaked something there coughing).  I also sometimes have some stomach pain, but I don't think that's related.  My doctor put me on Xanax, and it seems to have lessened my worrying and maybe the intensity of the symptoms, but the symptoms still seem to be there.  

Basically, I'm wondering if the tests that I had done a month ago and my background should be satisfying me that the problem isn't with my heart?
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Hello notcreative,

Your symptoms do not sound typical of cardiac chest pains.  With a normal echo, blood tests, and ekg you should feel assured that you are doing ok.  Chest pain that gets worse lying flat can sometimes be inflammation around the heart -- but it just doesn't fit.

Do your best not to take too much zanax, it can be addictive.

Good luck and thanks for posting.
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Help anyone!!!

Sorry to do this but I live in a small, remote Northern community with the nearest cardiologist 4 hours away and I am afraid for me and my babys' life.

I am 35 year old in my 3rd pregnancy with MVP, episodes of syncope and unsustained ventricular tachycardia and a family history of sudden death paternally at 50. For the entire duration of this pregnancy, I have been tachycardic with episodes of PVC that have increased in frequency and duration at about 28 weeks. I have not been put on beta-blockers or a calcium antagonist as there are concerns about complications with placenta abruptio that started at 16 weeks and that I
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Hi i sometimes have heart rate or over 200bpm and i just had a baby sucsessfully.
they cant find anything from with my heart though i have posted here i had to do it on somebody elses post as i have been trying to post for 2 yrs without sucsess so i dont think i will get an answer.
Mine goes all of a sudden and once i went to hospital and my hr jumped from 60 to 200 for 2 mins and alarms went off and then a cleaner came in as nobody else was about and 5 mins later all staff swapped shift and nobody knew anything about it.
I feel for you with your problems.
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rbeka -
I'm sorry to hear of your problems, and I will pray for you and your sweet baby. I have a boy of my own and I feel such love for him and all children - I really hope that everything goes smoothly. If you can, the best time to try to post on this site is early in the morning. I was always unsuccessful until I started hitting the site around 7-8 AM eastern time, and I've gotten through on multiple occasions.

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I just got word that I won't get the referral because my primay care physican talked to the cardiologist on the phone and based upon the results of an echo and a holter done 5 months ago, before I had an escalation in the symptoms, they feel that every is just fine.  As a matter of fact, the MD stated that this is to be expected in this stage of pregnancy.

So, I've had it...no more doctors...no more prenatals...no more anything.  I am screaming for help but no one will listen.  I am extremely suicidal and have stopped eating.  I give up.
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please dont give up, think of the little life inside you, you  must go on, there has to be someone who will listen to you, i have pvc/pac and there are times i want to give up but i dont and if i had a baby i know i wouldnt. if test are coming out good, thats a good thing and if you have another spell go er maybe they can get it on a ekg, or wear a holter again for 30 days, maybe it will catch it but dont give up. i will be praying for you and you must eat the baby needs that food and so do you please rethink that. God Bless you and know your not alone.
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