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Chest pain at night while sleeping after working out during day?

So I am in early 30's f, fairly active, vegetarian, non smoker and drink very occasionally like once a month. I went through some things last year and ended up gaining little over 10 pounds. I should add I have always been slightly overweight, I did go down but 10 pounds put me over again. I have started getting active again to start losing weight. This just started happening now never before.
So usually at night/early morning/morning I wake up with the intense pain in chest, after working out during day. Pain usually goes away in a day if I dont exercise. Pain is in my chest sometimes back, more on the right side below shoulder though. I did have stomach issues last year where I had pain on left side below rib quite often. It eventually went away when I cut down on caffine and improved my eating habits. I have been experiencing a lot of gas lately.

This is really concerning me, any thoughts. I am obviously thinking angina. I did get tested two years back and everything was normal. There is history of heart disease and diabetes in my family. Pain usually goes away if I use a heating pad.
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Hum, if it was heart it would no g away with heating pd, sounds like muscles, plus acid reflux can cause all of that,

Still have it checked out by your Dr
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