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Chest pain following ablation

Hi all.  I had an ablation 4 weeks ago and since that time I have been experiencing chest tightness, pressure, and sharp pains in the heart.  I am seeing my doctor on a weekly basis to determine the cause and undergo treatment.  Following a work up of tests (echo, nuclear stress, ekg, etc.) the doctor has determined that everything in the heart is normal and that this "discomfort may be something that I just have to ride out." I never experienced these problems before the procedure and had an ablation due to SVT.  My question is - has anyone had similar experiences following an ablation procedure?  If so what were your symptoms, how long did the discomfort last, and what type of treatment did you undergo?  I am a helthy 29 year old that had been exercising regularly before the procedure.  Since then I have not been able to do so because of the pain.  I just want to feel "normal" again.  Thank you for your response!
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I had an ablation on feb 16 and I did not experience anything like you have.  My heart rate went up about 20 points and it lasted about 2 weeks.  My blood pressure went up sky high for about 2 weeks.  And I felt an irritation in the chest.  I had 23 burns and I would say my heart healed within 3 weeks.

If all your tests post ablation came out ok I would think your heart needs more time to heal from the burns.

Was your ablation successful?
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Thank you for the response mariop.  So far the ablation has been successful which I am extremely thankful for! Was your ablation successful? Did your doctor give you an explanation as to why your heart rate and blood pressure became elevated?  I bet that was frightening to go through.  I'm sure you are right about my heart just needing more time to heal.  I just assumed that 4 weeks post-op would have been plenty of time.
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My experience was similar to mario's.  I had 2 ablations and each time my heart rate increased for a short time after the procedure.  I did not experience any chest pain or discomfort other than my leg was a bit sore.  Interestingly, after the second procedure, my BP rose enough to warrant a small dose of medication.  Up until then, my BP was on the low side...95-110/55-65.  

Hope you are feeling better.  I'm happy to hear your test results are good!!

Take care.
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I had the exact same experience with ablation and had it done 2 years ago, I had just turned 30.  The dr. acted like I was some kind of freak but I had pain that I was taking tylenol for and my left arm was tingly (not good, right?) . On top of that I was svt free for only a short time.  I had the ablation in November and in March I was starting to have tachycardia worse.  More frequent and longer attacks and all he wanted to do was go in.  I was like"no way, I'm worse than before"  I think I'll take my chances and live with the svt.  It is getting difficult because I have it so freaking much.  I take 25 mg atenolol.  I hope your arrhythmia is fixed, not like mine.  I am scared to go anywhere else and so scared to even consider another ablation.  I am sorry you had the pain post op.
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Hi there-
I just got an ablation 5 days ago, for wpw syndrome.  I just returned from an ER visit.  I went in with a feeling of severe heartburn  as well as tightening/heavy feeling.  Also, I have a very severe headache- all post-procedure.  I too am a very healthy 30 year old woman, a runner in fact, with very low BP, typically 90/50-60.  Mine has shot up to 125/70.  Maybe that is what is causing the headache....?  Was told that these were not symptoms of ablation recovery- hard to believe when I did not have them going in, but have them now.....How are you doing now?  Thanks
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My post-ablation nurse told me chest discomfort was due to heart being swollen enough to

"rub" against the pericardium (sp?). Mine went away within a day. Perhaps your situation is

different. From the comments on this thread I would strongly advise that THIS PROCEDURE


I obsessed on research and finally went to the Cleveland Clinic. I am now 2+ weeks out from the

procedure and, lord knows, I could still run in to rhythm problems (as they have warned me as they

do every patient), but so far things are smooth.

Think about it. This is a very tricky deal and you want someone who does it all day every day

every week.
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