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Chest pain (left side)

I am 40yr.old female. Pain on left side of chest (just under breast) began 1yr ago, sporadically, not necessarily during exercise (sometimes middle of the night), lasting for minutes to hours. Progressively more frequent. No significant SOB or fatigue.  Edema in extremeties also comes and goes.

Recent ultrasound revealed 1) Hypokenisis of left AND right ventricle, 2) mild pulmonary hypertension and 3) mitral regurgitation. Initial stress test appears normal (they didn't say otherwise), yet results are not back from 2nd round (cardiolite stress test). Appt. with Cardiologist not until April 6th.

My family doctor tells me these things should not cause pain, yet that is what got me to the doctor's office in the first place. Is this a coincidence? Should I be concerned? I feel so fragile and I want to resume exercising but can't bring myself to while this pain is still here.

I should mention that I have a history of kidney disorders, which have left me with slight elevation of BP, still within the normal range but on the higher end.
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Thanks for the post.

There are a lot of things that can cause chest pain and pressure outside of blockages in the arteries.

Things in the heart like vasospasm, high blood pressure and CHF can all cause chest symptoms as well as things outside the heart like pneumonea, asthma, GERD and musculoskeletal problems. Even things outside the chest like anxiety can cause chest symptoms.

You should work with your physician to come up with an explanation that you are comfortable with. Once done, you should continue your exercise and fitness program!

good luck
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Dear only40,  I read your post and I was wondering when you say:

Your having 'edema' in your extremeties and it comes and goes - how do you know its edema?  Has a doctor told you it was edema?  How can you tell its edema?  

Are you saying you have a kidney disorder history because your within normal BP range?
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Hello, just read your post. I too get a pain under my left breast also. It comes and goes. One cardio told  me that if the pain comes on suddenly and leaves suddenly its not cardiac. Haha right it still scares me. I sometimes also get the pain in the center of my chest as well. I ended up in the er on evening with the pain under my left breast it was not cardiac, dont know what it was finally it left. Since then I have that on and off all the time. I took two tums and believe me it helped within a matter of minutes. But still get it and I still freak. Thinking maybe this time its something. But the espohpegeaous is so close to the heart one never know. But I do still take the tums when it happens and it seems to help. But I have had a full cardiac workup and two ep studies. So that is a bit reassuring. sometimes I also get a ache under the left arm pit as well. Hope this helps.
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I am a 49 yo female former smoker who started experiencing sharp stabbing, burning type sensations in my shoulder about 5 weeks ago usually brought on by movement. The 'pain' moved into my left ribs and side (mid torso) and under my arm, it is now under my left breast. I went in for both chest & shoulder X-rays, and then had a MRI of the upper chest. Radiologist cleared me of any abnormalities, but also offered no explanation. She did mention to me that a possibility of shingles could exist without the usual rash - I never had a rash and the pain didn't follow any pattern. This pain is very transient (at one point on both sides of my chest, then the next day was in the diaphram) and almost positional and reminds me of muscle cramps almost. The shoulder and armpit pain is gone, the rib pain is not. My ribs on the left side - upper chest and mid chest area - are extremely painful to the point where an underwire bra is totally out of the question. The scary part of this (and it may be absolutely unrelated), is an occasional 'racing' heartbeat. This has occurred for months but seems to have increased in frequency with this bizarre pain/cramping, and I can actually bring it on by simply bending slightly at the waist and coughing. I am to see my doc next week for cardiac testing, they have yet to order any bloodwork (gotta love this managed health care). I am very frustrated with this slow process, I have been freaked out for weeks over this. Is there anything else I should look for or talk to my doctor about? Thank you in advance!
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I am a 49 yo female former smoker who started experiencing sharp stabbing, burning type sensations in my shoulder about 5 weeks ago usually brought on by movement. No SOB, fatigue or pain when taking deep breaths. The 'pain' moved into my left ribs and side (mid torso) and under my arm, it is now under my left breast. I went in for both chest & shoulder X-rays, and then had a MRI of the upper chest. Radiologist cleared me of any abnormalities, found  'previous asbestos exposure' but offered no explanation for this 'pain'. She did mention to me that a possibility of shingles could exist without the usual rash - I never had a rash and the pain didn't follow any pattern. This pain is very transient (at one point on both sides of my chest, then the next day was in the diaphram) and almost positional and reminds me of muscle cramps almost. The shoulder and armpit pain is gone, the rib pain is not. My ribs on the left side - upper chest and mid chest area - are extremely painful to the point where an underwire bra is totally out of the question. The scary part of this (and it may be absolutely unrelated), is an occasional 'racing' heartbeat. This has occurred for months but seems to have increased in frequency with this bizarre pain/cramping, and I can actually bring it on by simply bending slightly at the waist and coughing. I am to see my doc next week for cardiac testing, they have yet to order any bloodwork (gotta love this managed health care). I am very frustrated with this slow process, I have been freaked out for weeks over this. Is there anything else I should look for or talk to my doctor about? Thank you in advance!
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Hey... Im new at this whole heart condition thing at the age of only 21.  I feel lost and confused and I don't really understand what is wrong with me.  I found out last year that my Aortic Valve is leaking.  I don't know what that means!  I do know that I suffer like all of you ladies with the heart pain under the left breast.  I have other symptoms which can include aching on left side of chest, shortness of breath, and at times full body exhaustion.  At 21 I feel as if I am trapped within my body.  I don't know who to talk to.  Every doctor who has done tests make me feel like theres nothing wrong.  I have had a series of tests in the past few years since my "episodes" of pain began, but only the one test came back one time telling me that there was a leaky valve.  The doctor talked to me like I was 10 years old.  I kept thinking "so what do I do now" a year later I'm still asking that question.  I hurt and the only med they've put me on is HEAVY ibeprofen.  I guess now I spend my good days convincing myself there is ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING WRONG, but on the bad days... when the pain is heavy and I have to walk slower... I cry.  Im not overweight, I don't have high blood pressure.  My heart is beating fast and hard, but somedays I am afraid it feels like giving up.  I fell upon this site while looking for support this forum gives me hope that maybe it's not so bad.  I know I will continue telling myself that there is nothing wrong, when I know there could be.  But it feels good to be able to come here on the bad days when fate is staring me in the eyes.  I hope all you ladies are staying strong... especially when you don't have much of a choice.  From one heart to the next, God Bless --- Just A Girl
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hi everyone I am 28 female, about 2 month ago I started to have a burning pain under my left breast bone  , chest and rid and under arm, went to doctor did blood work, ekg, stress test, 24 alter monitor, ctscan x-ray,  all normal them I went gi did upper endoscopy say I have acute gastric So  he give me some medication for 2 month this is my second month, anyway I went to gny doctor who them exams me.

Say I costcohondritis say takes Advil when need, and apply heat which help but if I move wrong it hurt, sometime I can breed too strong if I do I get some sharp burning pain, I can lift anything heavy it would hurt, my primary care say he can do anything for me just don do anything to start the pain.

I need some advice please
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At last.  People with undiagnosed pain in the chest.  I have had chest pain now for over 6 years.  The pain feels like what can only be described as a heart attack pain.  I have had every kind of test available done. ECG,stress tests, X-rays, endoscopes, scans,24 hour page monitoring, MRI of my back and blood tests to numerous to mention.  The pain is a constant ache under my left breast bone.It varies in severity and in location.Sometimes I think its my back others my heart and sometimes my stomach. When the pain is at its worst i feel that a heart attack is imminent.  It is so scary.Because I have had every kind of test done and nothing shows up the General Practioner seems to have given up and is putting it down to Muscular Skeletal.I have tried anti acids,anti inflammatory,pain killers and am now on pain killing patches which take the edge off it but don't take it away.Please can anyone help me to try to diagnose this as I am at my wits end.  I feel like death warmed up most times.  I am only 44 and am at the stage that I can almost no longer cope. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!!
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I am a 30 yr. old female who is having chest pain. I have lost 25 lbs in the past 3 months and the pain started 3 weeks ago. The pain is on my left side right through my heart. I experience spurts of rapid heart beats (especially when I lay on my side) flutters, knifing pain right through the heart, pinching and also I have had a tightening feeling in the center of my chest, like I need to take my bra off. But when I do, it only relieves the pain a little. I have had constant pain in the center of my chest along with some burning from my stomach that traveled to the center of my chest.

I stopped exercising because even mild walking makes me feel like my heart is just going to give out. That is the best way I can describe it and that is not an exageration. The treadmill is not an even an option right now and I miss exercising. On 4/1/06 I went to the ER for tests, I couldn't take it anymore. The xray and catscan with contrast and blood work revealed nothing. The doctor said that the burning was a side effect from taking herbal diet pills (Xenadrine EFX) I was taking 1 pill a day at 9am. I stopped taking them and the burning went away but the heart pain is still there. I am scared that my heart will fail me one day. My next step is an echo-cardiagram. I will see if that reveals something. I remember as a child (10) I had heart pain too. My parents took me to a cardiologist and he said I had a minor pin hole in my heart and that it was nothing. For years off and on I had minor heart pain that would go away, but this has been constant and the worst for 3 weeks.

Any ideas? I am shocked to see so many of you have the same symtoms. I am wondering if any of you took diet pills in your life? I wonder if I did damage.
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I was looking up information on chest pain and happen to run across this page.  Your stories seem all too familiar.  For the past week I have had the worst, almost stabbing pain under my left breast.  I can't even lay on my left side without getting a severe "pinching" feeling.  When I take a deep breath and sometimes even when I am breathing normal I get a severe pain in the left side of my back between my shoulder blades.  It literally takes my breath away.  I too worry of course that it is something more severe then just a abnormal pain but like some of you, I have also had an EKG and a stress test done in the past (for other symptoms) and have been told I am healthy.  It is frustrating and scary to experience these pains and I wish there was something someone could tell me about them.  I am 35 years old and in good health otherwise.  Have any of you experienced the shooting pain in your back?

Frustrated and looking for answers.
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So much of what you are describing is familiar to me.  The pain is worse when I work on the computer or sit in a position where I lean forward for any amount of time.  I feel as though the rib cage on my left side weighs 10 pounds and is being pulled down.  Pain goes from central bone of my chest, under left breast and around my back.  Almost feels as though it is sagging.

Had terrible flu type cold with violent coughing during this period for close to 10 days...and pain developed after that.
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hi,my boyfriend has just had stent surgery as he had a blockage in his artery. he is just 20, and very fit and sporty. he does not smoke and drinks occasionally. i was just wondering if anybody knows someone of a similar age who has also had this surgery, as i have some questions about it. i can not find much useful info on the net. thanks
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     I'm a senior in nursing school obtaining my bachelor's, and I've been having a lot of similar problems that everyone is describing!  I'm 38, had gallbladder surgery two months ago and have not felt the same since.  The chest pain I've been having gets worse when I lift my left arm, and it feels like I'm having flutters which I'm sure are palpitations.  I feel like I have a weight of 10 pounds in my left chest-as someone else described it.  My pain happens when I'm reading in bed (relaxing) and sometimes I'll have it first thing in the morning.  I don't have any risk factors except for high cholesterol (38 yr old female).  

One person mentioned having the severe pain after 10 days of severe coughing-that is most likely pleuritic chest pain caused by the coughing, so it should go away fairly soon and with anti inflammatories.  I went to ER last week when I was having the pain, along with nausea and the feeling that I was going to pass out.  I was told I have pleuritic chest pain and cardiac enzymes were negative.  I'm to follow up with a cardiologist and do a stress test to be sure though.  

Other people mention having regurgitation-which could very well be GERD-gastro esophageal reflux disease (especially if relieved by Tums) but you will want to see your general practitioner to make sure that it isn't indeed cardiac.  

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Thank you all for this forum, I don't think many of you can begin to realise how big of a relief this has been to me. About 6 months ago, my 21 year old brother died. He was my role model and my best friend, and the moment I found out I got a sharp stinging pain in my chest. I was told it would go away soon, but it never did. Always in the same spot, left brest, occasionally wraping around the armpit or to the right side.   The pain always varied. Sometimes it would be a dull pain, another time it felt liek a cramp, other times I would wake up in the night thinking that my cat was asleep on my chest, only to find it was just the pain. But the worst was when I would not be able to move because the pain was so bad; One night while lieing in my bed I was in so much pain I was sure I had suffered a heart attack, the pain did not go away, did not get better, only more agonizing and paralyzing. I lasted the better part of the night until exhaustion took over and I collapsed. 6 months and still I have a 'residue' feeling of the pain at all times, it might not hurt, or even be uncomfortable, but it is still there. I have seen many doctors, and I get the 'it's just stress' line constantly. Well I've come to the realization that I'm not having a heart attack, stress should never be this painful. I was certain that I was the only person with this problem, but reading this makes me feel alot safer. I now know that I am not alone with these mysterious pains.
                                 Thank you all for your help
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Hello Everyone, i must say it was a real relief when i found this forum as i have been experiencing the same symptoms on and off for months. so far i have only had blood tests which revealed nothing, apparently healthy! i don't feel healthy, i have a almost constant nagging pain under my left breastbone, which is also under my left shoulder blade. it is not always painful just there. I also get a fast heartbeat and feel flutterings in my chest which i have put down to sheer panic. I also get a pain in my hand when i have an episode and begin to feel very hot - not sure if that is related or just down to anxiety. Apart from this pain i feel ok, i still have my appetite and i still go to work so i guess i don't have severe heart problems but you never know, that's the worry. and to all you ladies i also have to whip my underwired bra off as it's making the area more uncomfortable. Even sitting at work i have the pain, but it's got to the point where i just get on with it, in hope that it will just go away on it's own! here's hoping! I have an appointment with the Doc on friday so i will keep you undated........

Hope you are all having a good day!

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Wow... I've been dealing with this for a long time now.  It began with simple tingling (electrical feeling) in my left arm...which ended up having me tested for MS and seeing a neurologist, which everything turned up ok - no MS and no other issues.  They passed it off as anxiety attacks (which I do suffer from...however, those who have panic attacks know well enough when you're having pain from that, or pain from something 'real').  I've let this go for a while convinced it would go away, or it was all in my head, or that maybe it was something really bad and I didn't want to find out.

I'm 21 - and last night the pain in my chest (above my left breast, in shoulder, underside of arm, and left rib area), and the tingling got so bad that I woke my fiance up and we made a 4am trip to the ER.
Chest X-rays, blood work, ECG, and constant monitoring while I was there gave nothing, everything turned out perfect (and the blood work included testing for possible blood clots, and of course the enzyme released during a heart attack...all negative)..

I was sent home w/ a scrip for Naproxen and told to rest and drink water.  12 hours after my ER trip, it's still aching, burning, and on occasion palpitations. Still getting pain in my shoulder, back and neck... My diagnosis was "Atypical Chest Pain" and that was that.

It's so scary because I'm terrified they're missing something, and I hate to keep going to be told I'm healthy, they can't find anything and so on, but at the same time...I know this isn't how I'm supposed to feel.

It's comforting to see that so many others are experiencing this, and I'm not just by myself here.

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Alright, so I am not in any type of medical field,
however these past years feel like I have
attributed as much knowledge of some of the doctors I
have visited. Too many tests only have led in more frustration
until recently, when I have finally came across some doctors who
are helpful and understanding, and beginning to head in the right direction to receive some answers. Like you, I have chest pain
been through every test, xrays, ultrasounds, ekgs' you name it I have experienced the same. I had gallbladder surgery, can not gain weight, pleurisy (left chest pain area, pleuritic lining of the lungs is inflamed)and most of all feel as though I am going to fall over from being so fatigued. Within this last month I found out I have svt, which I have been told your heart races 2 x faster as everyone elses (a stress test on the treadmill was performed) I also have borderline mitral valve prolapse. I have chest pain on a regular basis, had to pull over a couple of times about a week ago it felt like it was heart attack it was the worst yet. Experience palpitations, feels like the pain is tight
throughout the whole entire top of the chest. My speech and communication has dramtically changed within the last
year, it is very difficult for me to carry on a conversation
I feel like as if there is a cement barrier blocking the way probaly attributed by the fatigue.
I hope this helps, to know that there are answers to your problems it is not in your head.
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I am 18 years old and the past couple of months i have been having dizziness problems. I went to the doctor and I ended up getting an MRI of the brain, EEG, inner ear test, and blood tests. My doctor thought I had migraines with no headache. Lately I have been having palpations, some chest pain, and I have gotten short of breath after very little exercise (like walking up stairs). This has been going on for a couple of weeks. I am starting to think I might have a heart problem. I was wandering if any of you knew if blood tests indicate any heart problems?
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Hello music6,

Have you seen a cardiologist? Your chest pains are probably nothing to worry about, but I would suggest seeing a cardiologist just to make sure nothing is wrong. It might make you less anxious to know that everything with you heart is ok. I would feel better seeing a cardiologist insead of my primary physican. It is better safe then sorry.

I was wandering if you had asthma, because that could be causing your chest pain. I have asthma and lately it has been really bad and i have been having chest pains and shortness of breath. I am going to my doctor on Monday to see if this is really asthma or if it could possibly be a heart condition. Do you know if blood tests indicate any heart conditions?
I hope this helps,
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Well for years now i've had this tender pain under my left shoulder blade and a little to the side of it. It feels great when someone massages it. Sometimes the pain radiates to my upper chest (pectorals) and sometimes under my left breast. I've told my doctor many times and he pushed on it and said it was just the"so and so" muscle. I keep telling myself its just an aggravated muscle because i keep working out everyday, that is when it hurts worse when i engage in working out. But it just scares me. i have generalized anxiety disorder so naturally i think it is my heart. But i have yearly physicals and everything is always fine...am i loosing my mind? Does anyone think is ccould be a heart problem or maybe I just  need a good massage?
I'm only 23....i just need someone to put my mind at ease! Thanks!
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Its really  not that much in my chest its more in my back, but it moves to my chest sometime more above my breast. I'm going a regular physician today to see what he suggests.
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The doctor I am going to see is going
to perform a tilt test (where you are on a table and
given medication to make you pass out on purpose to see
how your heart interacts)
Hopefully it will provide answers before an
invasive procedure has to be performed.
He mentioned that alot of other things can cause
heart pain or chest pain so he wants to rule out
anything else. Has anyone else had results from the tilt
test?  Thanks
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Hi all,

So many worried people, sharing similar stories. I think it helps us all though to see other people out there going through the same thing!

I'm 31 year old female. Slightly overweight (but working on that!!) for the past few years, was at a healthy weight up to about 5 years ago (work prevented me from exercising, but going to remedy that!) Anyway, I started to get pain in my left arm & leg.  Went to my Dr & was told the usual, stress caused by my job.  Which is actually not far from the truth.  So I accepted this & moved on.  However, then I started having pain in my chest, shortness of breath, palpitations, head rushes, pain under my left breast, heartburn (something I never had before) & on & off the pain down my arm & leg.  Naturally this terrified me.  After several trips to my Dr, I changed Dr's.  My new Dr was more sympathetic & was arranging an appt for a cardiologist.  However, I had a really bad episode in December last year & ended up in A&E.  An ECG & Blood Tests later, they sent me home saying it was Anxiety.  I was put on Xanax? but my own Dr took me off the immediately as he said they were highly addictive!

I eventually got to see the Cardiologist in February & I had a stress test, wore a holter monitor & BP monitor (my BP was up the day I went to see them, but I have white coat syndrome) & some blood tests done.  All of my blood tests came back mostly normal (Cardiac enzymes, Liver Function, Kidney function etc) One of my liver enzymes (LDH) came back as too low. They didn't mention this to me as an issue, but I saw my blood test results & did a bit of digging.  I read on the internet that people suffering with stress can have lower LDH function in their Liver?! (Adrenal exhaustion) - The 24 hr holter & BP monitors, came back fine & I managed 13 minutes on the treadmill (98%) which impressed the nurses.  They didn't reach my ultimate BP rate, which showed that I was much fitter than I realised. They actually commented that because I used to run & keep fit a few years back, they could tell this on the stress test.

Anyway, I was called back by my own GP & he told me everything was fine.  I'm a worrier by nature & convinced that one of my arteries is blocked (we have a history of high cholesterol in my family & my bad cholesterol was up in the past, but I also have v high levels of good cholesterol & triglycerides are good) but my Dr told me that this is not the case.  I find that something will trigger off the pain (usually worry about something in work) & it can last for days. If I'm distracted, it generally seems to go away. So if I am out enjoying myself, I forget about it.

Maybe it is just Anxiety, but in fairness I can't put up with every time I get a bit stressed getting these pains.  It really takes its toll on me.  Makes me really tired.

Hope this helps others!

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I am a 25 yr old female that was diagnosed 1.5 years ago with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  A murmur was found before I had a splenectomy in dec 2004, but I never had any issues before that or even directly after that surgery.  I went to a cardiologist and was diagnosed, but told since I did not have any symptoms, not to worry about it, so I didn't.   However, this year, I have experienced palpitations and a racing heart beat at rest on occasion and have gone to the ER only to be told the same things that I already know, and that I am not having a heart attack.  Recently however, (in the past 2 weeks or so) I have experienced pain in my left shoulder, near my arm pit and what feels like my breast bone.  I have had a 30 day holter monitor to wear and had an echocardiogram done.  I told my doctor of this pain and he is unsure what it may be.  Recently also, I have been able to hear my murmur.  It sounds as if a washing machine is in my chest, and I have never been able to hear it like this before.  My cardiologist had little answers, but says I do not have an arrythmia (an irregular rhythm) and because I am so young he feels that my condition does not require medicine.  I am just confused as to why these symptoms presented all of a sudden and where this unexplained pain is coming from?  I do have other health problems, though I have been told nothing is related to this condition.
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HI, I had the same symptoms for almost a year, I went to a cardiologist, I had a cardiac ultrasound, and EKG, and Electro and a holt monitor for 24 hours. The cardiologist told me that nothing was "really" wrong, so I asked him for my records...all my records specially the holt monitor reading and I took it to an Electrophysioligist (specialist in reading holt monitors and EKG) and he descovered I had a condition called "Supraventricular Tachycardia" and it is cured by a surgery call "Radiofrequency catheter ablation " when the doctor goes and technically "burn"he extra Node that is causing the heart to bit FUNNY! or fast or pain in left side. I got the surgery when I was 28 years old, I am now 30 and I haven been without pain since then. This condition is very commun in people between 25 and 45 years old and the surgery is very commun too, takes 3 hours and the recovery is only 3 to 4 days!
So I recomend you guys go and look for an Electro physiologist in your area and get a holt monitor and see what this shows.
Good Luck!
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Ok, I see I'm not alone but yet I'm still sacred
I have a 3yr old dearly and I don't know
What I would do if I was to leave him one
Day, so here I go I've had slight sharp pains
For a while in my chest since I can remember
But lately they come every day they are
On the left side of my chest I don't know
If its my heart or breast that is affecting
This little pinch I feel so often,I will
Be going to the hospital tomorrow, but until
Then do u have any opinions on what this
Can be am I worrying to much is this just trap
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I am 29 yrs old and I have had chest pain and other symptoms like these for over 4 yrs. I have seen many doctors about this condition and every answer I've gotten has been "anxiety" I'm like, "are you kidding me?" Because I feel fine and stress free! I always come back to when it all started over 4 yrs ago. I was driving and then without warning my entire body went numb and began to tingle. My vision went blurry and things turned the color white. I managed to pull over and when I did my whole body was shaking violently. I went to the hospital immediately and once there my symptoms seemed to pass, but when they did I was exhausted and fell asleep in seconds. They told me it was a panic attack and that my heart was fine. All tests showed I was better than healthy they would say. But from that day on, for the next 2 months I had severe migranes that never left. I couldn't work, concentrate, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Finally they got me on the right medication, lexapro 20 mgs, lorazapam 1 mg, and the headaches went away. About four times a year I have these same attacks without warning but my doctors still say its all stress related. I guess I have learned to live with this condition but some days it feels like I could just die. I have also been told that these medications should only be temporary. The one time I tried to stop taking them I had a massive panic attack a week after stopping. I ended up in the hospital with the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire upper body. I was put back on the meds and it hasn't happen since then in that severe of fashion, but they still come and go. I wish there was more they could do for me or some other types of testing. I am starting to feel completely hopeless in finding a treatment that will make all this go away. I want my normal life back, back when I could go to work without these attacks sending me home.
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My name is basher and I'm 23 years old male.  Iv been feeling the knife like  stabing and stings for at least 4 years. Some times I'll get 3 stings one after another boom boom boom.  And I'll take a deep breath to ease the pain.  Some times I'll feel my heart real hot. I could feel the blood moving in and out. My body gets very weak all over and I feel like I'm fifty. It's making me nervous to go to a doctor and find what it is.  I don't want to have heart problems. My grand father diyed o a heart attack and my father has w weak heart. God help us all thanks
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Omg, thank god there are people with the same problems as me.  I am a 23yr. Old female, who didn't have a heart problem until after I gave birth to my daughter 3 years ago.  After giving birth to my daughter I was diagnosed with CHF, which was the scariest moment of my life. I too have chest pain under my left breast, under arm, and also expierience shortness of breath.  I have been cleared of the CHF, but I unfortunately was left with a leaking heart valve, and my heart muscles do not pump the way they should.  I am currently on medication, coreg.  I also have brought these issues to my doctors attention, and have ungergone all the tests and nothing was revealed.  I just want to know what is this and will I ever be normal again.  I also would like to hear from someone who has developed a heart issue after birthing a child. Thank you.
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Im 17 and can hardly go through a day without pain in chest. Goes from the middle, to left, and the right at random parts of the day, but constantly. Feels like my heart hurts daily, as each time i breathe i feel the pain. The pain reaches to under my armpit to the back of my shoulder. I cant even go out and play sports without worrying about the pain. Sometimes my heart races to the point where i have to stop and control my breathing slower to try and lower my heart rate. Sleeping, and doing everyday things arent the same anymore with this pain. I've been to the doctors and they still cant give me an answer. Im starting to very worry since this pain has started 2 years ago; and now the pain has just been getting more and more frequently by the day. Im young, and worry about heart attacks now which isnt good. Falling asleep is now hard to do while dealing with this. I can keep going on about this but all i want is an answer. Can anyone help me?  Can anyone please tell me whats wrong? I see that many others are dealing with the same issue
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