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Chest pain

Can a heart attack cause chest pain on left side and send radiating pain down your spine
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A heart attack can present many symptoms, in different people. I felt an agonizing pain in the middle of my chest which brought me to my knees. I felt dizzy, nauseous, short of breath and vomited. Some people feel absolutely nothing. The thing to remember is that unless the clot miraculously clears itself, the pain doesn't simply come and go, it remains until something is done. I had to have morphine for the pain, lots of aspirin then clexane to help break the clot, then have emergency stenting. Only after the stents did the pain go away.
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Thank you for your comment.  I know I will show my stupidity here but I wasn't aware that a heart attack was caused by a blood clot.  You have relieved my fears because with my pains I may not have them for months at a time and then again I may have them 3 to 4 times a day for a couple of days.
Thanks again.
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