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Chest pain

I have been suffering from chest pain since last year July. Once I felt pain in the left side of my chest and consulted with a cardiologist. He asked me to do ECG and it was normal. He prescribed me to take propranonol, omeprazole and bromazepam. I felt better while I was taking those medicines for about two months and it started again when I stopped taking medicine. The doctor suggested me to take those medicines again for another two months. I took and felt better. After two months later I felt good and there was no chest pain. But 2/3 months later I again felt chest pain. The doctor asked to do ECG again and it was normal. Later Echocardiogram was done and it was also normal. But now a days I feel the pain again. At the first events it was not continuous pain but now it is happening continuously. Last two days I also felt pain in my left arm. The pain is in the same place of the chest and it is in between the left nipple and the middle of my chest. The present situation makes me tensed whether I have any risk of heart diseases or not. Could you please explain what is wrong with me? At present I am taking propranolol 10 mg trice per day. Thank you.
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An EKG will may not show a problem unless it is happening as the test is being taken.  My suggestion would be to see another doctor.  Your doc doesn't sound as if he/she is going far enough to rule out a problem.

The arm and chest pain would worry me, as well as the on and off occurance.
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