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Chest pains and dizziness with LDL of 151

I recently went to the ER for mild chest pain, heart palpitations, dizziness and weakness fearing a heart attack as I had been having chest pains for 2 weeks.  My stress level and anxiety has been pretty high lately as well.  EKG, enzymes, and chest X-ray were fine and I was discharged the next day.  The only concerning factor was an LDL of 151.  HDL was 53 and tryglicerides were 96 within normal range.  Saw my pcp last week and he thinks it’s stress related but referred me to a cardiologist as well who’ll I’ll see Wednesday to hopefully do a stress test and get some answers.  Anxiety remains high as i still have intermittent chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath when walking around the block.  I’m a 47 yr old man in decent shape, non smoker, eat relatively healthy and exercise a couple times a week.  I also just got over a bad sinus cough for 3 weeks that has had me sedentary for that time.  Family history is moderate risk as my mom has a mild heart attack at 75 and recovered well, no stent or anything required.  Could my LDL of 151 which is considered borderline high cause plaque to form in the arteries and all the issues I’m having??  Thanks in advance!
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Aside from anxiety are you still having asd shortness of breathe and chest pain?
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I’m sorry, what is ASD?
Sorry on my phone mistype...

Meant are you still having shortness of breath and chest tightness
Yes I still have chest pains and tightness on and off.  I feel weaker than usual and my head is in a fog.  I haven’t had any other pains such as shoulder or jaw or sweating.  I’m very lethargic though, maybe because I’ve been eating less.  I do get short of breath more easily than usual and my heart beats more just doing normal walking.  I tried to see if my chest pain is more while exerting myself to see if it’s angina but there doesn’t seem to be a correlation as to when the chest pain comes.  It’s here right now laying in bed and my heart races now every morning when I wake up.
Did you have a v/q scan or ct with and without contrast?
No nothing like that yet.  Hopefully then cardiologist will do the necessary tests tomorrow.  The hospital only did an ekg, cardiac enzymes, CBC, and chest xray
I would get all that done and ask for a ddimer blood test
Thanks for the advice, much appreciated!
No problem!  Hope you get answers soon!  Feel free to reach out with questions!
Another ekg and treadmill stress test were done and cardiologist said all looked normal.  Will do an echocardiogram on Friday and if that looks good the doctor says I should stop worrying even though I still have symptoms, on an off chest tightness, heart racing, and weakness/fatigue.  He said based on my lack of risk factors and normal results no further testing for the heart is warranted at this time.
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