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Chest pressure and numbness.

I have been unemployed as a steel worker for a month or so now so i havent been as active as i usually am. On sunday me and the family went rollerblading for 7-8 miles which is a normal distance for me. I woke up monday with a feeling of numbness from the waist down and in the pinky and ring finger of both hands, which both have persisted, then wednesday i woke up feeling mild chest pressure. I am getting exhausted quickly and i feel really tired. I am 24 (25 in a month), 250-260 pounds, 6 foot 1 inch tall, and high blood pressure runs in my dads side of the family (grandfather and great grandfather died from it and dad is on meds for it).

Any help would be appreciated since i am unemployed and cant afford to go anywhere.

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You can afford not to go anywhere!  You should go to ER because your symptoms apear to be a heart problem and of course a feeling of numbness can serious as well.
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