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Chest pressure

I'm a 48 yr old woman 5'9" 140 lbs in relatively good health. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and began meds 2 years ago. Last July I suffered two mild heart attacks out of the blue. I had an angiogram and was told I have the arteries of a 20 yr. old.  The only reason the cardiologist could give me was a spasm to my aorta for some unknown reason. I was put on a calcium channel blocker Felodapine ER 2.5 mg. Everything else they wanted to give me cause unbearable nausea or migraines and edema.  Since the heart attacks 6 months ago, I have had continued chest pressure. The cardiologist and my regular Dr. can find no cause even after blood work,  xrays and a CT scan of my chest.  The pressure is constant and is more significant when I drive in the car or lay on my left side, which I have given up.  Occasionally, I will also have a brief sharp pain or "tugging" in my chest. I have an extremely high tolerance of pain, rarely take medications of any kind, and know my body very well. This is not normal!  I'd like some help figuring this out. Most people, Drs. included, look at me and don't think it isn't possible for me to have the health issue I do. I feel everyone wants to make it stress related and I'm being "poo pooed"
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Hi there. A few questions. What meds do you take for the high BP?, do they control it? How are your numbers averaging out? Did you have blood sugars done? or Renal Investigations? Does the pressure get relieved by anything, or is it worse on exertion? Its a bit strange that they were trying meds that were causing Edema. What were they? Exactly where in the chest is the tugging? Do you have any digestion issues or problems?
I have had similar situation to you as regards doctors making you feel like its all in your head!!. Sorry for all the questions.
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