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Chest tightning pain under my left breast

Chest tightning pain under my left breast. i get this sudden sharp pain like there's an air bubble under left breast and it lasts for a couple minutes and it hurts if i breathe or move a certain direction or it can last a fue hours at low pain,  then, suddenly it feels like it pops, which hurts even more, but then the pain is gone and i feel fine (kinda like pain desolving..weird). i get it maybe a couple times a week, sometimes i'd get it a couple times a day.

I don't have any other symptoms like belching or breast pain or anything so i'm really confused. it's not like this hurts my everyday lifestyle it's just really painful and inconvenient when i'm doing something because the pain is so sharp and random. does anyone know what this could be???

Maybe an ulser? or heart condition? a hernia?,  This pain is under my left breast only, not above the lower breast.

Thanks for your help!
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Would love to read some answers to that, as I have been feeling the same from time to time.
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I get the same exact thing!!  What it is???
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I am a 44 year old female and I do have a heart murmur and have had these pains under my left breast for the past 30 years.  I have always that they were gas.   I am a little concerned because lately the pain is staying a few days and I am experiencing some pressure in the middle of my chest as well with some palpitations.  But right now I am under some heavy duty stress.  I wonder what this is??  
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Hello, I'm 36 years old and for the past 15 years or soI have suffered from sharp chest pains in under my left breast.  I have been rushed to the ER on one occassion, but then at the hospital the pain went away and the doctor kinda laughed at me, he said there was nothing wrong with me.  He still gave me some medication and asked me to stay home for a couple of days to relax.  This pain comes and goes; lately this pain has waken me up in the middle of the night, and I am so affraid I'm going to have a heart attack of something. This pain is horrible, that only the us who suffer it, know what the heck it feels like.  Reading some of your comments have helped me understand a bit better this problem.  I COMPLETELY relate to all/most the symptoms described by you guys.  I have also noticed that when I have a heavy meal it is most likely that I will get this pain.  Maybe I need to watch my diet, exercise and take an aspirin a day, if it doesn't get any better I will definitey go look for a Cardiologist.  Thank you all for your comments it has helped me a great deal.  Best luck to all of you.
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im 17 and i get those exact things happening to me, i dont know what to do, i tell my mum but she just says youll live, but its actually so painful i end up in tears, which hurts even more from my body movement during my tears , i cant stand this pain anymore, its been happening for aboit 3-4 months, please can someone help?
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