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Child had abnormal ekg

My daughter, who is 11, had some blood work and an Ekg done recently because of some migraines and a fainting episode. The Ekg came back showing possible heart enlargement. I'm waiting around for the doctors office to get her an appointment with a cardiologist. In the meantime, I am extremely worried. The doctor tried to tell me, because I was very upset, that EKG's are not very accurate at detecting heart enlargement in children, and that it was like a 99% chance that it was off/misleading... I'm just still very worried. Any experiences with false reading on ekg?
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Not with false readings, but I too had a daughter with a severe form of heart disease that showed up easily on an EKG. I have also worked as an EKG tech/supervisor.
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Yeah, EKG is really not great unless unless you have profound infarct or arrythmia.  There are many false positives and false negatives.  I'd have her due an echo or cardiac mri and make sure all is good.

If you do an echo ask for bubble study to make sure a pfo or asd isnt being missed.
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We went to the pediatric cardiologist and got a new ekg and an echo and everything looked normal.
Did they do the echo with bubble to check for a shunt?
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And I forgot to mention that the bloodwork, which I believe was a CBC, was all normal.
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