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Child heart

Child of 4 months is diagosoed Palmonary Atresia (with absent central pulmonary arteries.) and MAPCA dependent pulmonary cerculation vide 2D Echocardiography with colour doppler study.

Moreover, by CT Chest Angiography, he is also diagonosed :-

pulmonary arteries are not visualised.
Aorta : Multiple collaterals are seen from arch of Arota and descending thoracic Aorta supplying both lungs. They measures 3 mm (one collateral), 4 mm (three collateral), and 5 mm (one collateral)

SVC & IVC : Double SVC seen. Right SVC darining into right atrium and left SVC DRAINING INTO COLONARY SINUS.

VSD with overriding of Aorta
No branches pulmonary artaries.
Multiple MAPCAS supplying both lungs
Double SVC.

Please suggest.

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This is a form of tetralogy of falot, where the pulmonary artery did not develop, and instead mixed blood, due to the VSD, is directed from the left side of the heart to the pulmonary circulation via the APCs.  This is a complex cyanotic congenital defect that should be dealt with by an experienced heart specialist and a heart surgeon.  I would suggest contacting the Mayo clinic, or the Texas Heart Institute or one of the Boston hospitals.  
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He is not taking any food other than breast milk. If feeded, he is vomiting it out. Is it related to the a/s problem.

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