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Cholesterol Medications

I have high LDL (213) w/HDL of 55 and triglicerides at 75. My total cholesterol is 285. My ratio os 5.2. I am 6 foot tall, weigh 196 pounds and am on the Adkins diet. I have approximately 25% overall body fat.I ride horses twice a week and am modestly active. I drink 3 bottles of white wine a week. I take no medication at present but my doctor wants me to take something. He has not yet made any specific recommendations and seems to be lacking enthusiasm so I am seeking a second opinion and further, detailed serology testing.  My mother died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 70. She was a drinker/smoker.

My question concerns medication issues. Are there certain medications recommended vs others regarding benefits, side effects, etc.?

If I drop 20 to 25 pounds will it make a marked difference?

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I'm a bit taller than you but weigh about the same,  My cholesterol was over 300 twenty years ago, probably the same ldl/hdl ratio that you have.  I was told to take a statin by my primary doctor, and refused, tried to get the cholesterol down with diet and 'natural' meds.  I did reduce my cholesterol level down to about 220, but had a first, then a second heart attack, then another, and have a total of eight stents. I started exercising daily taking a statin, and started a slow weight lose process, about a pound or two a month and I lost 40 pounds.  Since I quit losing weight, my cholesterol level is starting to rise.  My doctor believes and I also believe the metabolic process of losing weight also reduces cholesterol production in the body, so I'm back trying to lose a pound a month again.  
The research I've read says red wine is heart healthy, and there is also research that says white wine is good also.  I choose to drink very dry red wines.  Sweetwater offers wonderful advice to you, I'd certainly not be afraid to take a statin, it may save your life.  I do believe had I not been such a knothead I could have saved myself from so many unhappy heart adventures.  Best wishes, keep up informed what you decide.
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   Arthur Agatston, the author of "The South Beach Diet" is also a renown cardiologist.  He also has written a book which I recommend titled "The South Beach Heart Program."
In it he writes about "aggressive prevention" of heart disease.  He advocates aggresive management of cholesterol, blood pressure, and  triglycerides.  That means statin drugs.  He also says that people with known heart risks that follow his program can have  a normal life expectancy.  Agatston recommends statins.  
   Millions of people take statins.  I do and have no side effects.  It would appear to me that your numbers are quite high, particularly the LDL.  That definitely increases your cardio risk.  Certainly talk with your doctor about statin therapy.  There is at least one generic on the market and the cost is quite minimal.  
   You are right about weight loss being helpful, but I doubt if it would be the answer.  Genetics may be working against you.
   With regard to your wine consumption,  it is widely reported one to two drinks per day for a male, one for a female can have heart benefits.  Wine is not necessarily better than other alcoholic drinks.  Over two drinks per day can have negative health consequences.  There are over 200 scientific studies that show the benefits of this level of alcohol consumption.  People who are prone to addictions, however, should avoid alcohol.
  I hope this is helpful and hope you will consider "aggressive prevention."  It makes good sense to me, and I do try to practice it.  

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