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Cholesterol test

So, It's time again for another round of tests...  Am taking thyroid medication so every three months it's checked and might just as well do the cholesterol while there...  Last time I noticed my numbers were climbing and just two tests prier they were exceedingly low so I had to find out why.  I think I may have found it...  I'm fasting for just over 12 hours prier to the tests as I should be.  The time with very low cholesterol I'm pretty sure I fasted 24 hours.

  I'm still pretty much a couch potato with the exception of 30-60 minutes "nearly" every day bike ride and/or walk.  My intestines are ..very... ...slow..., So I'm wondering if that made the difference?  I should be getting the tests the next couple weeks which I'll fast for 24 hours and see if it drops my numbers.
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I've never had a 24hr fasting test, only 12 hrs. I was told that the levels should be correct for measurement if you only have water for 12 hrs.?
Did you ever see this?

Maybe a replacement for statins eventually.
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Interesting observation. I will fast for a longer period like you for my next tests and see what the numbers are.
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Anandbharti,  That is exactly what I intend to do.  My thinking is that since my intestines are supper slow, it's in essence like I'm not fasting at all when getting the tests.

  I do like the idea of the article you posted, Ed.  Lets hope something comes of it.
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do you not eat any fibre?
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Plenty!  First, I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Dec. 7 where I can talk to him about problems such as this.  Also have to find out from him (and anyone) how I can get free medication or how to stop with the medication I have now.  Same day with my PCP and same questions. (out of money by mid January).

  I have a bowl of "Fiber One" cereal with 57(?)% of the daily fiber plus a couple apples,  and ect..  However, because I'm inactive everything works very slow.  I have thought that since my stomach is very heavy shortly after a meal (many times more than it used to be) that I could have other medical problems and/or medication side effects.  Eith way, again, I'll find out after this test if that is indeed the cause.

  I weigh my self roughly every other day,  Before the attack I was 185-ish, Now I bounce between 205 and 215.  I did ride bike nearly every day for a couple miles each, and now walk when ever the weather is nice the same paths.  Beyond that I do nothing.
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