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Concerns about a heart condition

Hello I am 21 years old an I have been having some problems and I can't seem to find a answer. To start off about 8 months before I got married I would wake up out of my sleep and I felt like I was shaking out of my body. I continued to do that for about 3 months and then I started having more complications. After all of this I started to get to the point to were I was having heart flutters and minor chest pains that lasted no more than 10 minutes at a time. I finally made a doctors appointment and they told me that I ha nothing wrong with me that I just have anxiety. So they put me on a anti depression pill and it seemed to make me worse so I stopped taking it. After all of that useless information I was in Walmart one night and I felt my chest go numb in the heart area and then down my leg and up to my head. So I rushed to the hospital and then done a EKG and a x-ray and said everything looked fine that my potasium was a little low. Now I am at the point to where I get short of breath and feel like I am going to die. I also get dizzy from time to time. When I go outside and work hard or do some sort of exercising such as walking had I start having heart paltipations. I have also ha a electric shock feeling in te center of my chest twice. I really need to know if I just have anxiety or if I have a serious heart condition. Please help me out
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