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Congestive heart failure recovery

Last year in September I was admitted to the VA hospital in West Los Angeles, CA for congestive hear failure.  Since then I been dutifully taking all my medications, reduced my sodium and salt intake. This year in August I had a cardio echo gram that put my heart function between 55 and 60 percent. Does that mean I can now go back to putting some salt on my food? My heart failure was due to my heavy drinking and drug use. I didn't have then nor do I have now high blood pressure. In fact my normal bp reading is like, 90/58 and my heart rate is between 58 and 65. Some times my bood pressure is low. Is there a chance of having a sudden change in my condition that could reverse the gains I've made such as decreasing my heart function?

This discussion is related to Heart Failure recovery time.

This discussion is related to Heart Failure recovery time.
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As Flycaster305 infers, we come in all shapes sizes and conditions! What seems to work for some may not for others, we are, at the end of the day
I, also used to be a "three pillow man'' to sleep, however two years ago I started on a drug called "Ivabradine" which has slowed my HR from 85 bpm down to 60 bpm and has resulted in clear lungs and able to sleep flat again!
My EF is 10%, has been for two years with some Mitral Regurgitation, so when it is  that low there are lots of limits in life physically. Try to remain worry -free and enjoy life.
All the best.
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Interesting post!
Congratulations for cleaning up your health profile.  The Ejection Fraction (EF) is a slippery slope as it can change dramatically, and also you are dependent on the test administrator.  With CHF as a diagnosis, I used to worry about it, but after 15 years, today, not so much.  
You might ask for a lab test called the BNP, which provides a profile for the level of heart failure.  It can go up and down, but after a year or so, you will get a better picture.  My EF is about 40%, but my heart is greatly enlarged and I have to sleep sitting up as my lungs fill with fluid...
I'd keep off the salt if I were you, it really helps.  You might go to Trader Joe's and buy what they call 21 seasoning, it is excellent.  In my experience and opinion, once you have heart trouble, it will follow and nibble away from you, and what ever you can do to eliminate risks will just pop a few nails out of your coffin!  Keep us informed.
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