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Coronary Artery Anomaly

My grandson, age 10, had aorta surgery when he was 1 wk old and was also born with a VSD, that will require surgery this fall. During his annual cardiology visit this year they discovered a 3rd coronary artery, via  a cardioechogram and other tests. They say this artery is going directly into the middle of the heart.They explained to me about the 3rd artery..they said this anomaly is very, very, rare. Because of the location, there is no surgical procedure to take care of it, that they know of at this time.  I also took him for a 2nd opionion and she agreed with their findings. She ,as well as the Doctors at Childrens Hospital in Pgh, said they can't find any writings about this rare abnormality. The scary part of it, is that it is unknown because it is inside rather than visible. The unknown is how much "stress" the heart can take before a sudden symptom may happen. She said the nuclear stress test provided very positive results, so she said my grandson should have 1 every year, to monitor it. She recommends restricting him from isometric activities such as football, wrestling, weight-lifting and archery, but would permit other recreational athletics. My grandson is very active and plays on a baseball team.
I was wondering if any of the doctors there have heard of this condition.The doctors here have not seen this before.

Thank you,

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