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Is there a PROVEN correlation between artherosclerosis and cholestrol levels? After reading McClaine's book on Homosisteine, it suggests that ther is NOT proven correlation. It also suggests that there is mania about lipids, cholestrol, etc, and it is fueled by the drug companies to sell their cholestrol-lowering drugs. It also suggests some studies that were not reliable.

The book also suggests that most heart patients don't have terribly high cholestrol. Is that true? (I'm an example with 200 and a bypass at 52.)

Please comment on any research that shows a high correlation, and your staff's beliefs about the correlation.

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Currently, there is no evidence saying that cholesterol lowering reverses coronary disease However, there is a tremendously large body of evidence including epidemiologic data, clinical trials and basic research supporting the cholesterol hypothesis.  

while ther are many other risk factors for CAD.  Cholesterol is  a major one and we at CCF aggressively modify it in all patients with CAD.
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