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Could it be heart related?

Hi All,

For the past month, I have been having the following symptoms:

Pain in my left arm and chest. The pain never stays at one spot. Sometimes it's my front arm, sometimes it's my elbow, sometimes it's my upper arm, or my shoulder, or my shoulder blade, or my upper left back and it goes all the way to the front to my chest, it feels like somewhere inside my ribs is hurting.  It is not always the same kind of pain either. Sometimes it's like throbbing, sometimes it feels dull, and sometimes it feels like contraction. It doesn't feel like muscle spasm or bone related. Sometimes when it really hurts, it's hard to breathe. And sometimes it hurts and my left arm feels really heavy. I can't raise it up or use it. The pain also comes and goes.

The pain is sometimes on the left side of my neck and on my left leg too. occasionally I feel it on my right arm too.

I also frequently feel light headed all off a sudden.

For the past 2 to 3 weeks, I have been experiencing heaviness on my chest and throat. It's like there is a huge heavy ball on my chest or inside my throat, I try to burp it out, but it doesn't work. Coughing can temporarily give me a relief, but the relief barely lasts 2 seconds.

All the symptoms tend to get worse when I feel stressed out or after exercising (I usually don't feel much worse until after my exercise).
I did EKG and it came out normal. Blood work shows that there is no inflammation.

I'm only 32. I admit that I am a little bit of a hot head and often get stressed out. The symptoms are not getting any better, instead, worse. My doctor does not know what is wrong with me other than maybe just stressed.  
I'm a bit worried that it might be heart related.

I would really appreciate it if someone can give me some advice.

Thank you so much for reading.  
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