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Could it be heart related?

2 times this past year I have experienced an episode after eating (once a lot of ice cream ) once today (cheese and fruit yogurt with fruit and muesli)  where both times I was awaken from midday nap with bloating stomach pain nausea and intermittent nausea mild elevated bp and pulse (12.5/9-110 h.r).First time only pain and nausea this time I also vomited and felt fatigued ) Once I vomited I was a lot better nausea gone, sweating gone except maybe the stomach pain and gurgling, belching etc.. its been about 6hrs now and stomach just a bit painful. A friend told me I should check heart . Didnt think that was a possibility because I have acid reflux and stomach issues 9 years now.
I exercise Trx suspension training 2-3 a week never had a problem with cholesterol, blood sugar anything. Don't smoke or drink. I am really worried.
I take L thyroxine for Hashimoto and Protinix for reflux. Thank y
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It COULD be, but logically, it seems more likely that your issue is with dairy products.
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