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"Could not calculate pulmonary pressure" on Echo. Why?

I am trying to figure out why I have shortness of breath, chest tightness and bad spirometry results (last one was 45%). My pulmonologists ordered more tests to rule out pulmonary hypertension and heart disease.

I was looking at imaging I had done last year for the same problems, and my echocardiogram says, "Unable to detect peak tricuspid regurgitation velocity for pulmonary artery systolic pressure calculation."  

Why couldn't they do that? I'm sure the doctor will want to know this information, since he is primarily concerned with ruling out PH.
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Well systolic pulmonary pressure is important in your case yes.. But the remaining data is sufficient to rule out significant heart disease.

If the view is insufficient the view is insufficient. If your symptoms were severe he could order a swan ganz, but apparently he was satisfied with what he had and wanted to explore another avenue.
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